Faqs Diseo and Desarrollo Web

Frequent questions, doubts, advice and solutions on Design and Development Web

What classes of Webs exist?

Different types from pages Webs exist. Those that we worked are the following:

  • Static Webs:
    The static webpages are those that can somewhere show of the page sprites such as banners, videos, etc. This type of Web usually lacks manager of contents and are sent to professionals or companies that do not need to apply frequent changes in the content of their Web, such as the news, supplies, promotions, etc.
  • Dynamic webpages:
    This type of pages is indicated for companies or professionals who need a website that allows to realise and to manage frequent changes in its content, for example, new products or services, the news, supplies, promotions, etc.
    Usually they are programmed with the most advanced programming languages and include a novel managing panel of contents, so that the €œadministrator€ of the Web can realise the changes without having some very high knowledge of computer science, nor to depend on other people's people, to it denominates autogestionables Webs to him.
  • Virtual store or electronic commerce:
    Store Online is a website that supplies some products of sale in Internet. It allows the electronic purchase online through different means from payment as card or paypal. And it owns a management panel as well to be able to create products, to modify them, to eliminate them, etc.
  • Blog:
    The blogs unlike the commented pages Webs previously, contain texts, entrances, posts or articles. Normally, in each entrance, the readers have the possibility of commenting their texts, so that it is possible to contact. The blogs normally lack denominated sections landings page of services.

What type of page agrees to me more?

If you are independent an independent one, who for example only want a presence in Internet, as letter of presentation to his work, and she does not require frequent changes in its Web, as for example a doctor, plumber, foreman€¦ etc, then the most appropriate Web for you you will be a static Web. If on the contrary you or your business need to offer continuous changes in the information of your Web and its services, you need a dynamic Web with managing panel contents, although the low economic difference between both makes that the corporative current trend normally is to make Web under managers of content as WordPress, thus doing very professional dynamic corporative Webs.
And if what wishes is to sell its products, or services in Internet through a payment footbridge, you will need a store online with cart purchase.

Whatever his election or type of Web you will be able to obtain a model-making and design Web optimized for UX and SEO.

What is hosting or lodging Web?

The webpages, once created, must be lodged in a servant who continuously is ignited and connected to Internet. This way, the information will be available at any time and from any place.

Is the Hosting including in the price of ?

No, you can contract to our lodgings Webs a price to make specific.

To what domain name is called to him?

It is the name that it identifies to a website.

And if once created my webpage€¦ I need to change some content?

Whitechsolutions you enjoy a guarantee of 7 days with which she will be able to realise small changes in texts and existing images. They would be excluded modifications in animations dynamic Flash, sections and new contents, that would become under a new budget

How appear to me my will webpage? , Later I will be able to ask for modifications?

We will realise a sketch of their page and you can suggest all the necessary changes to us during a maximum of 7 days, until the scale model reflects in all details, the Web that wishes. Once approved this section we will initiate the development of the Web and its publication.

Will Whatever take the development of my page?

A static Web with a moderate content can be realised between 10 and 15 days and one dynamic Web in some 3 or 4 weeks, following the content, number of sections and other functionalities to make specific.

How long it will take in appearing my page in Google?

Its site appears in the listing in Google in a few days, although so that it appears in the first positions search through a word or concrete phrase related to his professional activity, it is necessary to carry out a work of positioning Web Web SEO.