3 Solutions to the distribution of load in a Web server

3 Solutions to the distribution of load in a Web server

If you have a webpage with a high content multimedia, they are already videos, music, photographies€¦ etc. Are very probable that you are with the problem that the servant you is monitoring high loads of traffic because of this so heavy content and to the number of visitors who continuously you have.

Outpost exists technology very to solve these problems of load distribution Web server, but your company does not own the average ones to pay for this software or infrastructure, we can find very effective solutions and alternatives.

    This is the less recommendable solution of all, and for which certain companies show preference, committing under my point of view a serious error.
    They divide to its traffic creating several names of domain and divi©ndo the form visits manual:
    Dominio1: dominio.com
    Dominio2: dominio.es
    Dominio3: dominio.net 

    The traffic is going away to also divide, but to the visits and the reputation of its domain, and what interests it is that all visitors know clearly what is really its name of domain, and that the web search engines know and add all their reputation in only one.

    One is to declare in dns of his name of domain the servant of www type with several different directions IP. (so many as servers have).
    In all the servers the content Web will be duplicated whereas the name of domain declared in all of them will be the same (for example nombrededominio.com).
    Ser¡ el Round Robin Dns who is in charge to distribute to the requests Web (in way FIFO), and of a simple way
    In this way the visits will add all to the same name of domain and the load of its traffic Web will be distributed equitably.
    A problem exists, and is that if one of these servers falls and if the request Web in charge of the round robin by chance sends to the servers fallen to us€¦.we will be a good short while blocked, without being able to accede to the Web, until dns of our machine and supplier of Internet refreshes.
  • 3. dnsmadeeasy.com
    This software is of payment, but it has a price that is within reach of anyone, simply is a ROUND robin dns that controls the fall of service HTTP, when a servant is fallen eliminates it of the list of dns and to thus he saves many headaches us.

If you want to distribute to the load or the balance of his website or wants to enter more depth in the subject, she does not doubt in contacting to us, where we will be able to study his case and of offering estimated to him along with the most opportune solution.

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