How to block webpage

To block webpage

For diverse reasons the case can be given us that we want to block a webpage in our navigating Web or to even block the access and the load of this Web in all our operating system.
We put the following example, we have a son who supposedly puts himself to study with the computer and as soon as we confused a little ends up all evening sailing, seeing sport pages Webs as or others of worse categorisation. What we do? , if it really needs the computer to make his tasks perhaps of disconnecting to him of all the network can be detrimental for the boy€¦

Most efficient logically for a local network that he is connected to a server Windows is to block the traffic through servant, but we spoke of a local area network common caretaker and we only try to avoid the access to a certain Web from a single computer we can do it of a very simple form.

to block webpage

To block webpage through file hosts

How solved is a request Web?

  • 1. In this tactical mission that we put of example our small wicked young person that supposedly is studying wants to enter, and writes in the navigating Web €œ€, next our computer tries search some associated IP the name of domain in the file hosts (the file host is a system file, in him they define the relation between names of corresponding domain and their ip's.).
  • 2. As by defect the file hosts does not have anything defined on, the following step is to ask the DNS defined in our router: Who is Which is its IP? , dns of jazztel, ono or the supplier that are look for an associated IP this name, and if they do not find it looks for other servers DNS who know it.
  • 3. Once the DNS solve, our computer will know the IP where the Web is located that we looked for, and we will be able to see it in our navigator.

However, if in the step number 2, the file hosts had had defined that was, we would have finished there yet this proceeding, and the request would not leave our local network.
Then we go to it, we are going to define in the file hosts that is an IP anyone, for example we put the, that is the one of our interface of network localhost.

The file hosts has a different location following the operating system:
route file hosts

Now we go to the file hosts and we modified it, to remember that you will need permissions administration to publish it. And we wrote an IP for

## # Host Database # # localhost is used to forms the loopback interface # when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.
##       localhost broadcasthost:: 1             localhost fe80:: 1%lo0     localhost

Now we go to the navigator, we erased cache DNS, the weathers€¦ etc and you will already see that it is impossible to open the Web of because it does not solve.

To block webpage through navigating Web

They exist amount of addons for the different navigators, with them you will be able to block all the directions Web that you wish. Despite I do not recommend this method because simply she will be enough with installing another navigator different to be able to see with tranquillity all the Webs that are desired.

To block Web Firefox

To block Web Chrome

To block Web Safari

Since you will have been able to observe our small student will have search the life to be able to open, poor thing to only see a Web of sports€¦ If the parents sometimes are milk. Thank heavens that did not pillage to him sailing by worse sites€¦ 😛
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