How to sell SEO and to inform to the client

How to sell SEO and to inform to the client

It arrives at the time of selling SEO and much of the clients who arrive to us are disinformed or worse still: on informed into bad way, with distrusts, fears€¦ etc. To sell SEO after all it is an art, as which it touches flamenco or it sings by buler­as, in many occasions you feel that you must demonstrate everything what you know, as a player just arrived that clocks on and off by Real Madrid or Barcelona, and in his first party already wants to emphasize and to mark goals. The labor relations between professionals and clients must settle down under stable bonds of confidence that there is to learn to create, and the professional if really she is it, will have to demonstrate his knowledge to be, and to hope to demonstrate his was worth at the moment and precise place without hurrying.

When you have been a time in €œworld€ gives account you of how the things work, and which is the strategy that more or less works at the time of informing to the client on our services.
As we shelp in previous articles sometimes we have a dilemma and it is yes To educate the client or to be educated same.

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To inform to the client what is the SEO, and how it is the service that you offer

  • Previous concepts: First and the most important thing is to inform to our client what is the positioning Web, explains that there is keywords competed and less competed also depending on the conversion degree that these can have. An error that is more common than we thought is that sometimes people think: €œI well am positioned, put the name of my business and leave first€. Another very common error also is that they do not know that there is to deslogear themselves and to erase weathers of the navigating Web before seeing the actual results of a search in Google.
  • Who we are and how we worked: It makes clear who you are, your experience and the cases of success that you have in Google. That clearly, this it is your curriculum Online as professional SEO, also explains the level of difficulty of each one of the keywords that you are showing, and the level of benefits that these key words are obtaining. Here already you will have gained a quite good base of his confidence. The objective is that we speak of person to person with a simple language. If we lose ourselves between technicalities, logically this person that we have to the telephone or in front of us will feel crushed
  • Global study of the project: It informs into general form on his project, but it wishes an exhaustive analysis that it requires hours of study will have to contract to the service SEO directly or a consulting service and advising Web. You can include a species of general study removed from your tools SEO, that includes graphs and images, although don't mention it serves all this final S.A. as the document you do not offer a section with improvement areas, because it will not understand anything don't mention it.
  • The analysis exhaustive Web: Form informs into his problems of generic but not DES solution exact, if it does not go with his list of problems search which fixes them of economic form, are people who are able to commit the same error time and time again€¦ in that case is important that to your time nor your work ahead do not take. If they know clearly that it wants to contract to you, then we will realise this passage with a good analysis made and an exact solution for everything.
  • After the subscription: Once our client is subscribed to the service we must inform into the objectives that we are going to obtain, the degree of difficulty of the same and timing that we are going to take, at this moment is necessary to explain that the things are not obtained from one day to the next, for example: First we repaired errors, later we secured authority, next we will see an increase of the organic traffic and finally we will look that traffic becomes benefits (to put an example, depends on the case€¦)
  • Throughout this process: While we executed all this, it would be good for not centering to us and for obsessing to us to sell our service, we think about the project that we have ahead, the degree of investment that our client can allow himself, and ofrezc¡mosle alternative and a good planning.

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Conclusions exceed how To inform to the client on SEO

If everything goes well, our client will happen to be a disinformed user to be a user who understands the SEO, that understands it perfectly and that by all means it knows how to invest in him. We remember that so that a person invests first in something must know that it is exactly this service and how works. If we were able to take to end all this and the project works, finally we will obtain a little more self-esteem and gratitude, that us every day in our work will make be better.

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