How To optimize Images for SEO

Nowadays as much competition in the Positioning exists Web SEO that any detail can mark the difference. In this way it is made vitally important details as Optimizing all the Images of our Web in search of an improvement in parameters as the rapidity of load.

To optimize images for SEO can be simple if you find a comfortable and simple tool that conducts all the operation of the optimization of semi automatic form, because in the case of having to work of individual form with each image the task it can be somewhat joined.

In the same statistics of speed of load of Google they advise the use to us of several tools To optimize files png and JPG, but sincerely they do not convince too much to me, reason why I put myself search and I found this called alternative:


FsResizer is an application available for Windows, comfortable, intuitive and simple for the treaty of images with different formats. You will be able to work together with directories of images. Between its characteristics it emphasizes:

  • Optimization of Images
    To the left of the application we selected the group of origin images that we want to optimize, we add them to the column of the right and selected to the directory of destiny and options of the format of exit of the files.
  • Reescalado Images
    Fsresizer gives the possibility us of reescalar all the images selected to a concrete size, something comfortable and that will facilitate much to us the task.

If your Web works on WordPress they exist plugin call Wp that realises the optimization of all the images in a single operation. Helping in this way the load of the Web of a much more fast form.

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By “scar Carrillo