Faqs Positioning Web

Frequent questions, doubts, advice and solutions on Positioning Web SEO

What is the Positioning Web?

Having a webpage, does not mean to appear in Internet when somebody writes the name of our company in the bar of directions of the navigator, or in the searches of Google, to appear between the first results when a user realises a search in Google and to be between the first results is everything a profit, and emphasizes to any business or company against its competition. This is the positioning Web.

Is the same the Positioning Web, that the discharge in finders and directories?

The registry is a discharge of its webpage in the web search engines, which will cause that their website is identified and therefore pass to inside comprise of the indexing directory the finders and their data base, as for example Google or other finders, whereas the positioning is to cause that its website contains a special visibility and is listed on the front page of results when a user looks for products or services that its company or brand offers.

Is importantel the Positioning Web?

It is the main activity in Internet, the use of the web search engines to locate information. When somebody needs a information, product or service, the normal thing is that a search through the services that offer the portals as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. is realised.

What benefits have the Positioning Web?

– Promotion at global level.

– Increase of the image and the quality of its business.

– Approach with clients and partners.

– Increase of the information that attracts of the sector.

– To supply all type of products and services in the greater market of the world.

– Positioning of the brand.

– Increase of the competitiveness.

What is the SEO?

Optimization Search Engine, is the process to improve the visibility of a website in the different finders from organic way, that is to say without paying money to the finder to have access to an outstanding position in the results.

The work is ample and not only in key words, since the positioning involves to the code of programming, the design and the contents.

To what we called sponsored connections?

The connections sponsored in Google are known under the name of AdWords. Simply we appear first in the searches, to be paying to Google in bids up it by a certain keyword.

What are Organic results?

The natural or organic results are those that reach the webpages that have been optimized to reach a positioning SEO.What is the best one: The Natural Positioning, or the sponsored connections?

In the short term the sponsored connections are more effective, since we can have presence in Internet soon after to have created an announcement, whereas a natural positioning can begin to offer his first interesting results after two or three months and to be improving progressively and consolidating positions.

The natural positioning in the long run, obvious is economic and effective.

Be guaranteed can a position in the Rankig de Google?

No. We it more than can guarantee to him is that its Web will be indexed by the main finders and that determined criteria search they will appear between the first results of Google (top 20 makes sure generally) before a certain period of time, that will depend on the difficulty of each criterion search. The key words more competed clearly require more time and resources than others.