Alternatives to the Cloud Backup

Lately he is very fashionable between the users backups in cloud, that is to say, backup copies of files in servers preparations for it. Numerous companies exist that offer these services so that you can have your documents in all the physical places where there is a connection to Internet.

To what extent they are trustworthy east type of Backups?
As a rule these companies that offer this type of services usually are quite trustworthy, although not to the 100%, exist cases in which this company changes of owner, of conditions, or simply they disappear.

The most common case is than their services fall and they are not available at the moment that plus you need it, reason why always is good for having some alternative for backups in our business.

Alternatives to the Cloud Backup: Backup in the Premises
The best alternative continues being to create your own backup copy, neither the more nor the less. In this way you will be able to cover this type with cases in which you can see you with the €œass the air€.

  • Backups in the Premises or FTP: COBIAN Backups

    One is very easy and intuitive a tool with that you will be able to program the copy of your files in a external hard disk, in network, or even in a directory FTP within a servant.

    You only must direct you to the section €œto create new task€, and there you will be able to specify the directory of origin, destiny (internal hard drive, external or FTP), and the days and hours where you want to realise the copy.

  • Backups in Network: BACULA

    Bacula is an Open Source application that gives a very professional service concerning system adiniatrators. Its version Windows is simple and graphical, but in Linux you must form it without graphical tool (almenos what I know)€¦ publishing some files and reinitiating daemon so that the modifications in .conf are shaped.

    With Bacula you will be able to mount your own servant of backups, you only must install the service (daemon) in the servant that you want to use for it (the destiny of backup copies), and in the places where you have the documents and directories to endorse you must install the client bacula. (the origin of copies)

    Whoever to deepen in the attached subject: Manual of Bacula

  • Backups in Network: With Your Own program #! bin/bash Shell Script
    system adiniatrators
    If you have two servers or and you more want to realise copies among them, you can do following it these steps:

    1. It creates a relation of confidence among them, an access of SSH connection Without Password. For it I leave the tutorial here them: SSH Without Password
    2. Once created the access we will have to program a Bin/Bash in Shell Script in whom through SCP (network protocol in charge of the transference of files by SSH) that transfers documents from a servant to another one.
    3. Now we will have to add this script to cron, to program the days and hours where we want to realise the copy.

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