8 advice to work from house

8 advice to work from house

If you are to blogger, developer Web, SEO, designer, or you have some other similar profession with which you work from house, surely you entered this post looking for solution for which another possible problem that does not let to you breathe calm. Perhaps well by your daily routines, by bad habits, by annoying clients, you are not absolutely comfortable with your day to day and are looking for to revert this situation with which another magical advice.
Calm, this it is the suitable place to begin to change the things, breathes deep and he continues reading€¦

To work from house is not absolutely simple, and if you end up entering a negative dynamics, the best thing is to take a time and a rest for one same one, and at great length to think the things from a point of view different from which we are customary. First that we must do is to analyze to us same, once we are conscious of as they are the aspects that are harming to us, we must intervene in the affair and always expand our new reflections to the rest of the surroundings that surround to us assiduously, of nearest (one same one), at the most distant.

to work from house

Personally I think that often it is not enough with being conscious of the problem, sometimes one same one needs to have a lesson to realize thing certain, speaking in silver: Until not petas by some side, you do not decide to change. This is more habitual than we thought, since as animal that we are, most of the times we learn through trial and error.

To work from house is comfortable but simultaneously complicated and stressful, we must be very methodical if we want to fulfill our objectives and the more amount: to protect our health, saving part of our energy and free time to realise certain activities as: music, the family, the children, the friendly, the gymnasium, or to even have a space to give a stroll or to see a film at night and to disconnect 100% of the work before going to the bed.

The majority of professionals who we worked offering services Web we are addict to the computer. To disconnect is something that we were not able to do, and our obstinacy sometimes can play to us bad past. Rest must to be first for us, when we slept our mind is as a disorderly library, that conforms are spending the hours is able to reconstruct all the material and the content that walks displaced, when one sleeps and it relaxes, when waking up the library is in perfect conditions to continue open during the day, but the dream contains distortions most probable is than you are before serious a serious problem that you must solve as rapidly as possible.

The other day I read a post of the blog of Dean Rosemary that inspired to me enough to write this, to see that other people have the same problem that I, help me to be conscious of the situation, and am that really 80% of the people who we worked with technology we are addict.
Therefore we are going to work hard to recover our time, our energy and our health with a series of advice who I have gathered of other blogs and my own experience and inspiration:

How to maintain a stability and a balance working from house

  • To begin the day adequately
    A very bad custom that usually we have is to awake, to see the mobile and to directly ignite the computer, d©monos a time, the machines after the people please:
  • List of tasks
    list of tasks
    How it says the video of David Cantone, we make a list of tasks, to have better organized our day. A work calendar, of appointments and one structures detailed of the tasks carried out and those that are about to do, personally this technique helps me much and it gives a tranquillity me essential to disconnect.
  • It organizes your space of work
    freelance work
    Your place of work is a projection of how it is your mind, if your table is full of papers, cables€¦ your head is equal. Another advice is to try to maintain your place of the most separated work of the dormitory.
  • He connects with the outside world
    Guard energy and enthusiasm to follow connected the outside world, you do not isolate yourself and it reserves a bond outside your work, creates the necessity to you to leave every day and you see necessary looks for it an alternative to work from house, as coworking or another solution that you consider suitable.
  • To clean your agenda of bad clients
    All we know to which I talk about, annoying clients of whom we had been time speaking. If we eliminated the toxic people of ours around we will gain vitality and enthusiasm. If some of my clients you are reading to me:

    €œTo be calm, I do not talk about, my agenda is clean for a long time, and if you were it, no longer we would be working together.€

  • Moment for your projects
    One always must reserve to part of its time for its own projects and illusions, help to follow motivated, since to work continuously without rest for projects of third parties it ends up exhausting.
  • Moment for same you and to disconnect
    free time
    As it commented previously, the rest is first, our schedule must be strict respecting periods of breakfast and exits, likings€¦ etc.
    You do not take emails nor called dragging to the cinema, a concert, a labor extra appointment€¦ etc. It gives just as the call that you are not taking it is going to report tremendous benefits, already will call later! and if it does not give equal! , because the money without health does not serve don't mention it. Therefore it respects schedules and holidays.
  • To think about your own thoughts and in how they are marching the things
    It is always good for thinking about your thoughts, to think about which you are thinking, help to really know itself one same and that is to say in and the mood capacity in which you are at the moment. It is necessary to be conscious from where and how one is.


It enjoys the flexibility: It is good for maintaining a routine, to know if you need a rest, to work from house gives the possibility us of taking a rest us from way more entertaining. You can leave to give a stroll, to run, to walk in bicycle, to swim€¦ etc. The flexibility to put you to the day later or on the following day is something than you can remove great party.

What you think? You know some other method or advice that can serve?
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