It values your Knowledge and it learns to live on your Business Online

This article goes destined to all those Entrepreneurs, Freelance who begin their Project Online and happen per moments that I also have had to happen, beautiful but also very hard moments. Important decisions in your life arrive when you decide to dedicate to you to which you like working from house, perhaps you leave of side other works in Companies, and tests to mount your own Business Online, knowing the complicated thing that it is to generate your own pay to you with a Web and a little Magic.

I have decided to dedicate totally to Whitechsolutions, leaving my workings to me of System adiniatrator in the Company in which it was, after several years of work with them and to mount a platform of servers and a quite great infrastructure, I have seen that podia not to arrange both works, and I have decided that the one is My Project that truely is worth the trouble, since I create enormously in my potential and my dreams, and the other in fact did not compensate to me minimum. It is always necessary to remove the positive part from all this, if you do not feel sufficiently valued ten clear that: if one is not wanted to itself, others will not do it!

In the homes working as Freelance surely you will walk a little lost, how I do this? , whichever collection by this work? , I will find sufficient clients and income to be able to live on my own Project in the Network? , the doubts begin to flow, but you are not hopeless!

The other day read the Blog of Dean Rosemary, that with 25 years it is hard giving in Google Plus, and the truth which writes hooks because the people of this sector we are ourselves reflected in him. Dean Published in a post his the exact numbers of his income of the Blog in February (about 450 /mes Euros), and really is a number that you can reach by far sacrifice, but you want to pass the barrier to be Freelance to mount your Society or at least to be able to live on this you need to happen through Stage B, I I call it:

€œStage in which you learn To give to Merit your Knowledge€

Corporative aspect
First before selling a service or product, you must create the brand that is going it to remove on sale in the market. The image name brand will give the possibility you of being able to sell your Service to a higher price. Until you do not do this I assure to you that you will not be able to live on your Business Online

Pon always your conditions
The conditions that you take into your Service to adopt have to be clear and concise, they ten clear what you sell and how you sell it, which are the conditions! If the client sees you hesitate will tighten until removing the eyes to you and will want to remove it to you to Freelance price.

Ponte a number and you do not lower of there
Inform you into which is the price of the service that you offer in the competition, you do not lower of that price in front of your client, it will make you be bad if it sees that you work so economic, and by all means no longer it will respect to you never, neither, nor to your work. To both days surely Whatsapp will be sending you being wanted to exceed with the conditions already decided between both.

It values your knowledge
The knowledge do not transfer by some Euros that fit you in the pocket, the knowledge cost much to acquire them, ten in account that you have phelp studies, courses, hours of light, Internet and your used energy while you looked for information and you were developed as professional€¦.Friend mine: That bond grazes!
You do not doubt in acquiring the Advising Web, you do not leave Consult Free and they go away later with the another Freelance economic one. It leaves well clearly because you work thus and demonstrates your knowledge with examples of other Projects that you have in mind.
For example: €œWhat you comment to me with your case is similar to the one of a previous client, is this its Web, and I did this to him and did the other, Work, you see it? €, nonDES more tracks of how it becomes, that are knowledge! If the person at issue wants to make sure that you know it to do, you can mount a Sketch, a Visio, a PowerPoint or some presentation without data very technicians. Eye with this.

Well-taken care of Ten what you say and how you say it
When you know a client one of the most common questions is, where you are? you have office? , if you work from house you do not say: €œwork from house, I am freelance€, better I gave: €œMY BUSINESS IS ALL ONLINE€, it sounds better, and in addition already we know that nowadays in societies liberal outposts and professional stops, they work in his addresses thanks to Internet, being this the best way to conciliate professional and personal life, but everything depends on the way in which you expresses.

It creates Projects that depend on you
He creates strong projects, you do not make shoddy work in your work, when you put a high price is pleasant to work in him and to be all perfect one to the thousand wonders, beam that this works and what always it depends on you to follow ahead, as much the client as you will be enchanted.
Always reserve the right to you to renegotiate the conditions of the agreement that you have between both: you already do positioning to him Web, marketing of contents, design€¦ keeps this AS to you in the sleeve in case its Business raises as the foam, tightens the males, looks at the eyes and raises your price if permanence commitment does not exist. If the business of your client she works will not have left other than to accept the new conditions, since now it depends on you, and more these times than the majority of clients they enter by Internet.

It creates Projects that are destined to the End user
If you want to give a quality jump and to create projects that depend on you, first it will be to create projects appointed the end user, you do not do a work for your Client, if it does not stop the Clients or Users who your Client has, because in the end that Web or that Positioning goes dedicated towards them, and not towards who you contract. (To do this it is necessary to demonstrate a knowledge to be enormous so that they do not put in doubt the form in which you are orienting your work, and mainly to be safe than beams, if you were mistaken€¦ bye bye).

It creates your own Projects
Reserve energies for your Own Projects, your Web, Your blog€¦ etc. As much in the personal life as professional always is positive to reserve to energies and ideas for one same one. The egoism to a certain extent is good for the Businesses, in the long run this is learned.

Beam reality your dreams, do it possible! It creates your Business Online and it works from Internet

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo