A handful of Tools for SEO

Tools for SEO

Whether you like and the positioning is excited Web as if you dedicate yourself professionally to, will be necessary a series of tools for SEO with which to be able to maneuver and to work suitably.
Once we have a general concept on as they are the aspects and points that are due to work in the positioning, these tools that I show to you in this post (or others) will be essential if you want to position a Web in the results search. Without this type of resources you can work SEO, but of course it will be as going to the war as a machete to fight against submachine guns.
First of all to tell you that obvious the best resources for SEO are those of payment, but we are going to try to create a listing with a handful of gratuitous tools for SEO, with which to be able to begin to plant face.

tools SEO

Analysis of key words Keywords

First it is to work with keywords that makes reference and is associate to the services that we offer.

Google Suggestion

Google Suggestion offers suggestions in real time as you write in the text box of the finder. Perhaps he is similar to €œmeant€, but in real time. It seems something obvious, but sometimes as simple details escape to us as this.

Keyword Planner Google

Google in principle offers this thought tool to us for adwords, but that in the same way we can use it to plan keywords more looked for in our stage of development Web.

Google Trends

This application online analyzes a part of the searches in Google, and shows the calculation of how many they took control of the indicated terms, in relation to the total number of searches realised in Google. Next it details to the graph with the values search/volume and the results to us, in addition to other details.


One is a simple form in that you select the language and you write keyword generic, the tool gives back the results of the consultation and shows the suggestions of keywords of long tail that in theory are used more.

Percentage of optimization SEO

They are tools that measure the ranking and the percentage of optimization SEO of a Web


Simple but very powerful and trustworthy tool to audit the SEO, measures the optimization degree and the aspects to improve, the only problem are that it has a limit of consultations so that a posteriori you pay by the premium version.


Similar to the previous one but without limit of consultations, in addition offers analysis of your account to twitter.

Analysis internal links


Simply it looks for broken links with the purpose of to have one better and cleaner indexing in google.

Google Sitemap Generator

It verifies the broken Links and to finaliar it generates sitemap to you of the site.

Yield and speed of the load Web


It analyzes your Web with two of the most powerful tools Page Speed de Google and Yahoo Yslow, with the result obtained from query it generates a quite complete report to you that will help you to improve the yield and the speed of load of your Web.


It analyzes the speed of load of a Web from different locations: Europe, America, Asia€¦ Very useful etc. when you work SEO at world-wide level and sums a CDN with your server (or something similar).

Imageoptimizer online

Optimizer of images Online, for vaguest! >

Advanced analysis SEO

Here directly I recommend two tools of payment.


Analysis of keywords and backlinks, you will be able to overcome the lost land with your direct competition with greater facility.


One of most professional and expensive, is worth the trouble if you dedicate yourself professionally to the SEO, although I do not recommend it for nonprofessional.

Generators of Sitemaps and Crawlers

Sitemap Generator

It generates a complete with the internal and external links, anchor report text and attributes rel nofollow later to create sitemap.xml

Several: User, style sheets CSS Agent and Sem¡ntica


It optimizes code CSS to improve the load and the results.

CSS Checker

It informs to us on redundancies in code CSS.

Tools for microformats: Microdatos, Schema.org€¦


Recommended by W3C, this structured format of light Linked Data is simple to write and to read at the time of its implantation.
The inconvenient major at the time of marking data structured with microdata is its implantation since the definition of the element is realised within labels HTML, which can be complicated if we must touch many parts of the code.
JSON-ld offers an alternative to this problem and it solves it of a very interesting form: introducing script in a single place without mixing it with code HTML, of a clean form that facilitates the task to us at the time of creating Rich Snnipets.

Validadores of all type


The most used with difference.

Tools of rights of author and copy detection

Plagiarism Checker

The classic form in that we can introduce one or several text fragments coming from our Web later to verify if plagiarism exists or is indexed and related in another Web.


A simple and powerful plagiarized text finder similar to the previous one, offers the link to us of the Web where it is published the text.

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