Virtual IP Geolocalizada for SEO

We happen to comment in the blog this interesting subject over systems management and that is a factor to also consider for the SEO and the results search in Google.
How to create a Virtual IP Geolocalizada to locate our Web server in the place that interests to us of the planet.

The reasons to create a Virtual IP in our Servant are several:

. We can congeniar and work at the same time with several physical or real interfaces of network.

. To have a Virtual IP gives the possibility us €œof masking€ and to modify the physical and real location of our Web Hosting with respect to the web search engines, to geolocalizar the direction IP that is associate to our domain is an aspect that makes improve the SEO.
(In addition from Webmaster Tools the preferred location of the results can be formed and also be established search.)

Virtualization of IP for SEO

Hands to the work:

€“ To go to our supplier of services and to contract the virtual IP, I concretely have it in, and she is made call: €œIP FailOver€, in the same way in other companies of hostings also we can find it.
€“ To go to plesk or cpanel and to assign that new IP to a network interface, and later to associate it in the space of the name of corresponding domain.
€“ To go to our configuration space DNS of the domain name and to change the IP of the real interface by the virtual one.

Positive factors SEO and IPs:

€“ Fast Web server as for example a dedicated servant, with some acceptable resources (if you can allow you).
€“ Code Web free and exempt from errors that made tips of load in the yield of the server.
€“ The Virtual IP Geolocalizada.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
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By “scar Carrillo