Which is the Price of a Maintenance Web

We focus this article for which just you are taking off in your business and you dedicate yourselves to the SEO, to the management of contents and maintenance Web or other similar services. Here in our Blog once again we tried to collaborate with you with our category of Resources for Freelance, dedicated for which you are home and you need a guide or a datum point based on the experience of others.
First of all to clarify a thing that many users and clients ask and usually confuse: working the positioning or SEO of a Web although sometimes implies a modification of the contents, does not mean that it is just like a Management of Contents, not if you will have had this problem, but often happened to us.

prices maintenance Web

Therefore having these clear concepts already you know that we must differentiate very clearly on the one hand what is to work the SEO on the other hand and what is to work the management and the maintenance Web.
The first service (the Positioning) usually works by Packs monthly in which several aspects are always included that can imply a change in the contents, but if they are oriented to improve the SEO, whereas the maintenance and the management of contents are changes that have other objectives as for example the maintenance of the platform, the updates€¦ etc and normally tarifica per working hours.

Price maintenance Web | Taken care of with giving your arm to twist

Normally do the users without many knowledge in the matter lie down to think that if these working SEO Offpage, so that these touching the heads, the texts, the weight of the images€¦ why not to request a change more? , for example: €œchange to me if you can this of site since these€¦, or update this other to me€¦€ (Danger). Taken care of much with this type of situations.

On the other hand sometimes also we ran into with the typical defenseless client who has been swindled with invoices of much money by maintenances Web of static pages that have had 4 changes to the year, in short, has for all the pleasures. The best thing in my opinion to be balances and to do it in a fair manner for both parts is to tarificar the maintenance Web per realised working hours, neither the more, nor the less.

In other articles when I speak of prices I have not gotten wet, but in this occasion as more standard is something, I will tell you that by general norm the prices of a maintenance are:

Manteniemiento of contents

Concepts Hours Price Lapsing
15 minutes €“ 7.50 ‚¬ Monthly
1 hour €“ 30 ‚¬ Annual
Bono 5A 5 hours 29 ‚¬/h Annual
Bono 20A 20 hours 27 ‚¬/h Annual

Maintenance of the structure of site

The maintenance of the structure of site, as well, we can divide it in two parts, on the one hand the maintenance of the code, that generally is computed but part of the guarantee is not received, that is to say, forms that offers by the correct operation of the space Web. On the other hand, they are the modifications that the client solicits with respect to the design, here normally is realised a budget bases, to which later different discounts based on the type from client will be applied to him.

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