5 Keys to realise a good project Web

5 Keys to realise a good project Web

There are many steps that to give and things to consider when we began a new project Web, if we want to be successful we have to offer something different for our client and for the users who use that Web.

The difference between a developer professional Web and an amateur is the implication and the pursuit of the steps and objectives that a professional has.
An amateur can take a group and adapt it without realising these previous steps, but at the time of wanting to realise certain modifications in the design, this type of developer perhaps has some type of limitations at the time of realising them, and by all means the final result is not nor similar.


We must take care of our projects, because they comprise of our reputation.
I enumerate a series of keys or advice to realise at the time of home a new project Web:

  • 1.Etapa of ideas and previous steps
    It is very important before initiating to us, ordering our ideas, to enumerate them, to see that he tries himself and that looks for the client, put us in his place, its sector, its market, and to think that type of users will make use of this Web: advanced children, ordinary people, users, developer€¦ what is.
    Next we will think as we are going to project all this, and as we will include all these ideas and functionalities within the project in which we are working.
  • >2. Usability, Experience of user and Optimization
    Once initiated in the task, it will be essential to create a project in which the user has a good experience of use. If the end user does not feel comfortable sailing or he is lost, we can have a serious problem. In this article I speak more thoroughly of the subject: Usability within a webpage.
  • >3. SEO On Page €“ SEO Offpage
    Page is understood by SEO On, to the SEO that subsequent to begins since of code HTML is born forward edge, that is to say, we thought about the positioning Web from the home, and not to the SEO the launching of the same (this would be SEO offpage), and is one of the main errors that are committed.
    The positioning must be present in the development of the page and not later, because the structure, the use, the optimization, and many parts of the code must be correct to be able to appear in the first results of the main web search engines.
  • >4. Domain, hosting and yield Web
    When the design arrives at its final phase, we happened to the stage of the election of the domain name, for it I make your available this other article: How to choose good reputation of domain.

    Next we thought about the yield Web, for it we will choose hosting or suitable servant, fast, that satisfies all the requirements. If ours site Web for example has predicted a lifted number of visits or simultaneous connections to the data base€¦ obvious is better to be spent a little in engaging a suitable and geolocalizado servant in a strategic place more (not in the other end of the planet because it leaves 10 Euros to us economic.)

  • >5. Period of tests
    I always recommend to give to prove the Web to a person profile who is nearest possible the type of end user who is going to work or to accede to the Web that we are mounting, thus we will see another point of view that will help us to know errors that we did not know totally.

    On the other hand and to finalize to make specific that the Web must transmit something different, to mark the difference in certain aspects, to do it expressive apart from which fulfills certain objectives. If we are not able to transmit nothing with her, we are not going to be successful.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo