Main Errors in the Positioning Web SEO

The main error that we sometimes have with the Positioning Web is the concept that we have of him. This service in €œnew€ theory for many, sometimes fills of false expectations. At present many Companies that are not dedicated professionally to the SEO, offer positioning Web as service when really it is only statistics of visitors (checklist) and a possibility of altering the metadescripciones on the part of the user little and more, for example (Telef³nica to 20 Euros/month).
In my opinion this type of things do us much damage to professionals that really we lived on this, and that we know that a natural and worked SEO is many monthly hours of work, and by all means does not cost 20 Euros.

All this finishes causing that many users of level of lower middle knowledge in computer science and positioning Web, decide to take and to manage they themselves this service in their Own Webs, and by all means unless they spend many working hours, they will finish falling in a full well of Errors in the Positioning Web.

When I began with the businesses thought to me that it could take the invoices, the accounting, the discharges, the losses, the declaration of the rent€¦ really: it thought that he was a Super Man able to realise all type of tasks, in the end I found a manager and other collaborations for tasks of graphical design, programming Web€¦ etc.

It is always better than each specialist makes her task, will be 100% insurance and more effective than if it beams you yourself. If it hurts to you to spend to you the money thinks: if contracts to a manager, a SEO, or what are, in the end you will have more time to carry out the workings in your true land within the company, and by all means this will help to generate in the long run more benefits to pay to a SEO Profesional, who will as well be generating more clients towards from the Web.


The main errors that are committed at the time of wanting to make a Positioning Web SEO are:

  • Not to make a webpage trackingable:
    A simple aspect, but that often is not made, is: to make sure that our Web is totally navigable, that robots.txt well is created allowing the access to the wished directories, and indicating that exists a map of the site.
    Later to verify the indexing in the Finders.
  • The use of an illegible language in texts of the Web:
    Another common problem is the unnatural language, with the purpose of wanting to attract many keywords. The best thing is to be natural when writing, obvious we must include our keywords, but being natural and expressive. Example: he is better to say €œBarcelona extension €œ, that €œthe land extension of Barcelona is€¦€
  • To concentrate in excess in backlinks.
    Sometimes we concentrated too much that in other Webs linkeen to us, to attract traffic or to gain page rank. This is important, but we cannot forget to us that backlinks must be of other Sites that have the same thematic one.

    Also success the error to share Links or €œto twin€ Webs without before not knowing the other domain, and knowing if it is increasing or descending line in the organic results, the traffic or if it is penalized,

  • Errors in the descriptions, heads, titles h1€¦
    Failures as labels h1 to end of page, or to repeat labels h1, or repeated metadescripciones€¦.It always takes care of the structure of the source code, that is clean and ordinate, if these in PHP we will use includes and other ways to clean the code. Always respecting having styles CSS in a separate leaf, we will not include them within the HTML by laziness€¦ that already we know ourselves! jeje
  • Not to use the tools to webmaster:
    Many tools for webmasters exist, gratuitous and of high quality. A clear example tools of Google is to webmaster, but also we can find others as Bing, Yahoo€¦ . Other excellent tools but of payment are SemRush (to take keywords to the competition) and Sistrix.
  • Purchase of Traffic Web:
    In an occasion it has happened to me to be working in the Positioning Web of a client whom it gave him to buy Traffic Web without warning, when I saw in google analytics almost gives an attack me to the heart, only by 1500 visits bought in a month, penalized to us throwing of the results of a few keywords to us tail Long. The haste and the anxiety are not good, is necessary to follow the rules if you want to arrive above and to maintain to you.
  • Purchase of Followers for the Social Networks:
    Purchases of traffic Web or followers are actions detrimental for the Positioning Web, always is better 100 daily visits of interested users, that 500 visits of users who will sail 10 seconds in that Site later and do not close the navigating Web, the final result: the by ricochet highest index and losses in the Positioning€¦ Bye Bye!

Really, contract a true Agency Positioning Web. It always is far better to have something professional and not to stain the image of your Company in Internet. The experiments with Soda water.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo