How to design an excellent Cover of Webpage or Home Page

Design of a Cover Web

In this definite article the characteristics most important to obtain a good cover of your webpage, to develop a correct and efficient Home Page in the majority of the cases marks happening of the design and development of a project. Therefore we can say that the cover of a website is the key and the most important part of a design, reason why is in her where we must take care of several aspects from the advice for the design of the page home that I offer to you in this post.

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Errors common in Diseo of a Web

An evil design Web can have between some of its basic characteristicses not to be signaller of the contents that are tried to make transmit to the user, causing therefore a bad experience of user and a confusion and frustration during the navigation of the website.

A design with a chaotic structure, model-making or one little worked usability will irremediably generate a stop % in the rate by ricochet of its organic traffic. By rate of bounces we understand to the percentage of users who visit your website and they go away of him without sailing by no section or eyelash more of the place.

If you want to avoid errors in the exposition and development of a website and to obtain an efficient navigation Web reads siguintes advice to have in whatever:

Characteristics that a Cover Web or page home must have:

  • 1. The Logo

    to raise logo

    The logo in himself is a very important aspect, since it creates a relation of confidence and identification between the brand of company and the user that is visiting the Web. A simple logo and can be most suitable, sometimes we want to make overloaded logos that finally not soon they are complicated to fit in the rest of the design.

  • 2. Attractive design

    elements design Web

    To secure an attractive design is not simple task, will be able to like more or less, but always it will draw attention and it will be appreciated by the visitors. We must take care of details as the election of main typography, bellboys, colors, etc.
    Through this called Web Adobe Kuler we can compose beautiful and secured ranges of colors to use in our designs.

  • 3. The Hook
    Ten in account that the page home normally is visited thus must exist a hook that for example can be: banner, a logo or image that give a touch of €œaudacity€ to the cover, or a person indicating a zone of call to action with the finger, the hand or the glance.
  • 4. The structure
    We must create a logical structure that it allows us to transmit the message to the user in a first look, who we are, what we do and the location of the services or products that we are supplying must be accessible from any zone of navigation and device.
  • 5. The Scroll
    Many tendencies exist that comment that the excess of scroll is negative within a design, (to force to that the user must lower with the wheel of the mouse to continue seeing the contents).
    In my opinion I agree partially, since if the contents and the structure are good not necessarily it must because be an error if we must detail much depth on the concept which we are dealing with, writing and maquetando.
  • 6. Call to actions to Services/products with typographies to good size

    size typographies h1, h2, h3

    The use of correct sizes of source for labels of headed is essential, before putting to design in Web reviews the size to you of h1, h2, h3 in desktop and mobile, uses span or p for call to action exempt of key words or that are not page titles.

  • 7. Dynamic contents
    The use of dynamic content within your cover is advisable Web for the benefit of the positioning SEO, since to the web search engines it enchants to see new contents to them, uses whenever you can shorcode with the last entrances of your blog or some similar element as recent commentaries.
  • 8. Concise and original
    Concise on the different services that you offer and accompanies them by visual elements or colors that differentiate them, in addition the originality also awards.

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