3 Functions in which Bing is better than Google

By all it is known that the most famous and powerful finder with difference is Google. Perhaps the rest of finders has many things that to learn of the operation and success of Google, but also is certain that Google has aspects in which is not so strong and slacks off with respect to its more direct competition: Bing.

In this post I explain 3 functions to you in which bing is better than Google, and that thanks to spending time sailing and chafardeando enough through the web search engines€¦ I have been able to appreciate.

    The implementation of the function filetype of Google is much less powerful that the one of Bing, and after discerning much€¦ now I will demonstrate because. If we looked for files by for example pdf with the function filetype: pdf, really is looking for URLS in which the extension of the file finalizes with .pdf

    We come search in Google the files pdf that are within site: psoe.es


    If we realised this same search in Bing we observed the following thing:


    Bing solves the search to us showing to us all the files with extension pdf and in addition those that are given back by applications, as long as the file is really a pdf.
    Lamentably filetype of Bing does not work with todaos the types of the files, only most common.

    Then what has been shelp, another characteristic that Google does not have and Bing if. Bing is able search content within some compressed file formats, for example zip. As we observed in the following image shows to us to power point that is within zip:


    If we looked for in google the same file to power point mreji.ppt with extension zip we do not obtain any result:

    Bing unlike the Google Almighty is able to index names of domain (URL) in a direction IP


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I hope that this article serves to you as help,
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By “scar Carrillo