What is a Newsletter and how to design a campaign of Email Marketing

What is a Newsletter

A Newsletter is a powerful tool of Marketing Online developed for the email shipment marketing, technique that is based on the advertising segmentation and shipment of mails with the aim of directly contacting with users interested in our product or service.

The possibility of a so direct and effective communication by all means requires of a list of contacts and clients totally updated, and this he is one of the points most complicated and laborious to realise. To day of today the obtaining of a data base of potential clients is the objective of all the brands and businesses that use the email use marketing or to newsletter as direct method of communication with their hearing or objective public.

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Why would my business have to assiduously send a Newsletter to its subscribers and clients?

This is one of the questions that in first instances many medians and new companies usually are realised, and the most concise answer is because at the moment all business, without concerning its size or number of employees, needs to maintain a bond or minimum connection with its clients with the aim of trying fidelizar them.
The shipment of campaigns periodically help to maintain informed those users who are interested in buying your product or service.

And how I obtain a data base of users to send our Newsletter

  • 1. Through the contact forms
    The use of contact forms is a very powerful weapon, to creates call action attractive from your Web for the shipment of different forms with the excuse to give the possibility directly of receiving budgets or different supplies and promotions from its email, and they themselves will become subscribers. He dates from discharge in the LOPD and offers the possibility to your users that they accept the policy of protection of data and the reception of these post office.
  • 2. He requests and he uses the email of your buyers
    He requests the email to your buyers online and offline (if you have this option), after all are users who can become buyers appellants. By all means ask for permission to them as accept the shipment of newsletter and you have the given file of discharge in the LOPD.
  • 3. With the creation of a Blog

    To day of today the Blogs are a powerful weapon where you can publish articles related to the same thematic one of your business, from you will obtain to visitors and traffic of quality there.

    Once you have a considerable source of traffic you can install and connect forms of subscription to your contents/blog, within the listing of subscribers who you are receiving you could be segmenting different lists as for example possible potential or consuming clients from your content. This listing of users will be being gathered of first hand by you and will be perfect for sent of your first newsletters.

  • 4. Ebooks and PDFs
    Power the registry of subscribers to your list of contacts in exchange for the gratuitous unloading of a Ebook or a unique pdf for them, is very seen€¦ but it works! For it you have some plugins WordPress simple to form as the famous Thrive Leads.
  • 4. From campaigns of publicity or promotions in social networks
    With diverse actions of publicity and Ads in social networks as Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads through contests or other ingenious ideas you can pick up lists of brilliant subscribers for the shipment and pursuit of newsletters.
  • 5. Acquiring a data base

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    She is one of the last options and therefore of less recommendable since it is somewhat aggressive, you can buy a list of contacts directly and to concern it on your tool of management of newsletter, although it avoids and it filters of some way the shipment of supplies and promotions to those who do not wish it, if you realise an aggressive campaign and without testear this data base before you only obtain that your mails enters the filters of mail nonwished (SPAM), and that little by little your name of domain, links, ip's, and email directions enter within the black lists of Spam (blacklists).

  • 6. Obtaining them directly of listings created from directories of companies online
    It remembers that you have accessible and of public way listed online of companies segmented by category in directories as yellow pages, Qdq, etc. Personally this is another option that personally I do not recommend although if I enumerate it in case some of you thinks that it can use it of warm way.

What tools to use to manage our lists of users

Another one of the steps important to consider for the shipment of ours newsletters is what platform to use for the management of the email marketing, several of these platforms offer groups to us of newsletters, although also we can create our own group HTML of newsletter later to realise the opportune pursuit and analysis of the campaign of the sent email.

Some of these tools online with which to help us in the management of our email marketing they are:

  • Mailchimp


    One of the most famous tools and than at the home possibly can be complicated in its handling, but later is a quite intuitive interface mainly in its last versions and updates. By all means it contains many interesting functionalities for the creation and pursuit of your campaigns of email marketing.

  • Mailrelay
    A powerful platform that at the moment uses many bloggers. It emphasizes on the others by the lifted number of emails that allows to send of gratuitous way.
  • MailJect
    More it is focused to companies, entrepreneurs and professionals of Marketing Online. In his safe gratuitous version it does not allow to segment but however it allows shipment of emails through smtp.
  • Jetpack
    Although app of email is not one marketing as so, Jetpack also offers the functionality among others to send Newsletters quite professional, in addition it has the option of automatic shipment of any newness in your blog, characteristic that you will have to form previously of adequately before using it.
  • Getresponse
    At the moment it gives the option to subscribe you by a month of gratuitous way, allows to pursuit in real time and other very interesting options as for example the design and the personalisation of groups of newsletter in HTML and autorespuesta.


The Email Marketing in spite of being one of the first techniques of marketing Online continues being one of most excellent and than better result they offer thanks to all the possibilities that it has.

I hope that this series of advice and tools can be used to you helpful for the creation as your newsletter and design of campaigns.

Which is your tool of favourite Email marketing? It leaves your commentary

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
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By “scar Carrillo