Prices Positioning Web

Prices of the Positioning Web

As much the clients of the Positioning Web as the SEOS, we asked ourselves which must be the right price by the accomplishment of our work: Prices Positioning Web.
The question is complex since many types of professionals of the Positioning exist Web, and as in all the sectors each chooses its tariffs, although I in this post am going to try to sectorizar according to my criterion: what is due and that it is not due to invoice and under what prices.


A long time ago I realized complex that is to work the SEO, often the clients ask to you that results you can assure to them and as soon as time. The answer does not exist, to say something to them concrete would be to lie to them since we know our work, but never we will know as they are the actions that is going to realise the competition in that same space-time.
The explanation that I usually give at this moment is the same almost always: The results in the web search engines will also depend on the work that we realise, but on the work who the competition realises in that time, of its valuation in the finder, of its strategies, generally: of the competitiveness that has that keyword primary or keyword long tail (commonly easier to obtain).

Prices of the Positioning Web

Most logical it is to structure our work on the basis of the objectives that we want to obtain.

Small objectives:

€œOptimization€: We can create a Pack SEO with some characteristic very basic, making clear that this package is very basic and that certain aspects improved but obvious immediate results will not be obtained. We can use this resource as €œHook€, so that they understand the situation and a possible greater cost is justified.
Basic pack:

  • Indexing and discharge in finders
  • Adjustment of heads puts
  • Optimization of the images
  • Optimization of the speed of load
  • Titles of page and correct structuring of the HTML labels.

Medium objectives:

Ideal for small or median company that can be allowed a a little greater cost, cofollowing by a little more, visible objectives but as keywords long tail and a little more traffic with a strategy better created and executed.
Average pack:

  • Study of the user experience
  • Modification of contents
  • Basic reports and analyses
  • Structure of Internal Links
  • Objectives majors and also in the short term:

    Perfect for companies or entrepreneurs who look for quick results in the long term and another, we can here offer a study to him of the experience of user, study of competition, linkbuilding of quality€¦ etc.
    Advanced pack More:

    • Backlinks
    • Strategies
    • Study of the competition
    • Marketing and Monitoring
    • Pick up of traffic
    • Management of Social Networks

    Once created these three Packages which we must do it is to fit the rank of minimum and maximum price by which we will work the Positioning Web, for example: between 70 and 300 Euros, and to sharpen the price according to corresponds between each one of the packages, to put an example: paquete1: 70 Euros, paquete2: 150 Euros, Paquete3: 300 Euros.
    In this way at the same time as the client learns concepts, we are explaining that we worked and that we did not work according to which amount, reason why very instinctively the user already has understood that: €œto leave in the results search of Google he does not obtain himself in two days, and that are a process that has many working hours ahead€

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