How to choose a name of suitable domain

How to choose a name of suitable domain

One of the main questions that consider with the creation of a new webpage is what domain to choose and what is the name adapted for our project. To make a correct decision on our name from domain will save in the long run many worries to us, concerning a transcendental decision and important it is possible that it ends up marking happening of our website.
In order to make a good election in the purchase, we give a series of advice here to know how to choose a name of suitable domain:

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To consider for the election of my domain

  • 1. Personal brand €“ enterprise Brand or Exact match domain:

    First that we must consider is thematic and the direction of our project, and what we offer and how we do it and we transmitted it through our Web, or we offer services or products we have to consider if we will work the image and the message of our site under a personal brand or after an enterprise brand. One third alternative that is to buy exact match domain, that is to say, a name exists in addition that includes the exact keyword of our service or product (in case this free one):

    Personal brand: Lately many people buy the domain name that agrees with its full name, I I made it to publish my Blog in which I offer I speak and I offer Marketing Online and SEO SEO Barcelona €“ “scar Carrillo

    Enterprise brand: The typical thing, to use the brand of your company or an exclusively created brand to work under your S.L, for example

    Exact match domain: In case he is free you can acquire a domain with the exact keyword, for example

  • 2. Name of new, expired or premium domain:

    The following election that you must take is if it interests to you to estimate the market and to try to acquire a domain expired with certain antiquity and rank with the aim of advancing in the SEO of much more fast way, although always you run the risk of which the historical one of this domain is not all the good one that you thought, since can contain toxic connections towards him or has been used for aims as the Spam, about that case turns out more advisable to buy a totally new domain. By all means he is recommendable to previously analyze the domains expired of meticulous way before buying them and using them.

    In order to checkear expired domains we have many tools among others this Web:, that allow us to leak between some of its characteristics by extension of domain, length, key words, etc.

    expired domains

    In order to checkear the historical one of this domain and to know how it was in the past we have this Web: that allows us to visualize the code of the Web during the time of life of the same. In order to finalize through tools as Sistrix or semrush you can try to analyze the visibility of this domain and if it were struck by some update and penalty of Google.

    Example of visibility and penalty of a domain from the Sistrix tool, the points of update of the algorithm of Google agree with losses of visibility and traffic, this domain is not advisable to acquire it since clearly it is penalized.

    visibility domain

    Another alternative is to pay the price of a premium domain, in this section we could debate length and laying, many domains that we like are occupied by people who dedicate to the purchase sale of domain names. Normally these domains are on sale by a quite high price, although if it is certain that the antiquity of the same is a point to our favor we must consider that the tendency is that every time Google values except exact match domain.
    In my opinion the investment in these cases can leave profitable until certain point, following the money that asks for us by the purchase of the premium domain.

Other advice to make a good election of domain name

Once we know clearly the initial direction that we want to give our Web we can consider this series of general advice:

  • A name of domain simple chooses to understand:
    One of the main errors usually is to choose domain names in which terms in other languages are included, or to include words that are pronounced different from as they are written. I would include some exceptions here, as the pages of technology, computer science and some other tactical missions.
    In addition once the project is in march sometimes will be called on to speak with clients or people to you by telephone that Web or the email will ask to you to the direction, in those cases you will have to spell it, if you choose a complicated name at the moment is when you will think€¦ Earth swallows to me! why I bought this name for the Web.
  • To avoid the use of special characters
    To draw for to the scripts and numbers. To always try to conjugate them within the same €œword€.
  • It thinks about the extension of your Web (it is, com, net, org, cat€¦ etc)
    We must think what is going to be our public, that type of geographic zone we are going away to adecudar, if for example we are in Spain, most logical would be to buy .es (and also .com to protect our brand)
  • It buys the independent name to hosting:
    Personally I advise never to associate the name of domain to a joint invoice with hosting, in the long run it can be detrimental, better purchase the independent name to the rest of services in any Web that is recording agent and allows the purchase of domain names.
  • Domains and nonsubdomains:
    Much people ask and have doubts between which it is an own domain ( and a subdomain of another company (, this one last case is a subdomain of and therefore it does not belong to us, although it lets to us temporarily make use of him. These solutions by all means are not advisable since they are not absolutely professional nor effective.
  • It respects the rights name brand:
    The rights name brand affect in the purchase and use of domain names (although it seems incredible). We do not have to include the name of a brand within a domain, as for example: The day in which Samsung appears and demands the domain or in the worse one always can arrive from the cases falls a fine to us.

As conclusion, if you choose a domain name, do it or and calmly thinks it since surely it will mark rules and the way of your Web or blog about Internet.

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