Google analytics is one of the three fundamental pillars of Google that form: Adwords, Adsense and Analytics.
With this tool we can analyze our traffic Web: whichever visitors we have had? , percentage of bounces, operating system, so large of screen of the user, location, duration, visited, statistical pages of conversions in sales or unloadings€¦ etc.

Google Analytics

Analytics is a gratuitous service, although also it owns premium version of payment, and it is dealt more with difference of the tool used by the analysts Web.

    Its method of operation is €œsimple€, google facilitates a code to us Javascript that we copied within each one of the pages Webs from which we want to obtain our analyses. If some similar platform is wordpress or, it is enough with introducing the code Javascript in widget of text within some column or head that it loaded in all the pages. 

    When a user arrives at our Web and loads a page that contains our code analytics of pursuit, this one will be loaded momentarily in the cookies of the navigator of this user, and will be storing all the data, registries and action that the navigator realises. Meanwhile, simultaneously the information will be stored in the servers of Google, that later will be in charge of which these data are loaded in our Control Panel of Google Analytics, with all the information and statistics that form it.

    . If the user has blocked the cookies in his navigator or uses anonymous navigation, the resulting information and statistics will not be correct. 

    . Another one beats is that registering to you and using analytics you are facilitating all data to Google, and this could harm us in some aspects. Although this opinion is very personal and each has hers own one. personally I do not like to facilitate my data to third parties, although sometimes we do not have left of another one.

    . He is not so simple to use as they say, really is not to me so intuitive and some aspects it costs to find them to me and to use them suitably.

    . If we programmed a new page and one forgets to us to put the pursuit code, obvious new statistics of this will not be obtained.

    . Using Analytics we saved installing in our Web server some type of traffic analyzer, which could harm us in the yield of the servant if this it takes too many resources of the same. In the case of using Google analytics this problem we would not have it, since one is a service that registers the information externally and not in our Web server. 

    . We can connect it and associate it to other services of google as webmaster tools, adwords and adsense€¦ and so the functionality among them is fantastic.

    . Great number of information and detailed statistics, that we can section or leak to our pleasure.

    . Possibility of information in real time.

    . The main advantage is that it is a compatible platform with services of third parties, are many the applications and created tools of third parties to remove juice to him to items that so are perhaps not taken advantage of in Google Analytics.

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