How to make a curriculum vitae Online

How to make a curriculum vitae Online

You are tired to send curriculum and not to have the news of the companies? For a long time that you do not secure a work interview? Whether you are unemployed as if you aspire to a better work, you must take care of all the aspects regarding your curriculum, the tool fundamental to accede to the companies.

The first step to find a job is always to elaborate good a curriculum vitae through what the person who receives it can have a fast idea of those who we are and how we worked. And there the question arrives: how elaborated is a curriculum?

At the moment, the companies receive hundreds of curriculum after the day, so we must try that somehow, and at first sight, the curriculum draws attention of the person who receives it and she is different from the others. Here it is when the originality and creativity enter game. A curriculum is your letter of presentation and for that reason it must emphasize between the rest, to be attractive and to quickly catch the attention of the person who is going it to receive.

Search work is something to which usually we spend long time. But we concentrated our efforts and we focused them to take advantage of to the maximum the resources which we arrange we can cause that this it is a much more effective process. My objective is to help you to that you are able to have a curriculum vitae creative and in which the content is presented of a clear way, it stops of this form to be able to choose to the wished job.

curriculum vitae

Sometimes, it is good idea to elaborate different curricula, specific for each company to which you are wanted to present, since each position is different and some of your professional abilities or experiences can have a greater more excellent interest or being for the different works from which you choose. My advice is that you elaborate a different CB for each job offer.

How to make a curriculum vitae good structured?

At the time of choosing to a use, it is important to know how to elaborate a curriculum so that what you want to communicate to the receiver it is clear and ordered. For this reason, before putting to write up you must think to you well what you want to transmit and on what aspects you want to draw attention. In Internet there is infinity of groups to free make a Curriculum vitae Online and, but after all you are your that must be in charge to correctly present the information through a good structure.

Next I tell you what is the basic and essential information in your curriculum.

Personal information

In this section they must appear the following data:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Birthplace
  • Data of contact (telephone and email)
  • Photo
  • Connections to Social Networks (Twitter, LinkedIn) or blogs in which you write

These data are basic so that the companies can be put in touch with you if they are interested in your profile. Although it is not obligatory, also is interesting to add your direction, since often the companies look for people who live close or in a certain zone and this information she could open doors to you.

If you find it opportune, I advise to add next a brief writing to you on your labor objectives that serves as presentation. It summarizes who you are and because you aspire to the asked for use of a coherent and mainly brief way. This can be very interesting information and if they like, you will already have time to speak at length to you in a personal interview more thoroughly.

Education and formation

In this section they must appear chronological inverse in sequence:

  • Degrees
  • Institutions where you studied
  • Dates of the studies

It begins with your more recent degree, since probably she is the one that can have more relation with the use to which you choose. Here also you can include scholarships, prizes or distinctions obtained in your studies.

Professional experience

It also begins with your last professional experience, continuing in sequence chronological inverse and including the name, city, Web of the company and dates of the use.

I also recommend to you that you briefly describe (in one or two lines) to your roll in the different positions and the responsibilities and tasks that you took to end.

Knowledge and abilities

You are conscious or no, certainly you have been acquiring many knowledge and abilities throughout the years. It writes in this section all the courses that you have realised. You can divide in:

  • Languages €“ All the languages that you know and the level. It also indicates if you have titles as the Advanced or the TOEFL.
  • Knowhows €“ All the software that you know, specific courses realised and the level.

Thanks to the tools to make a curriculum that I show a little more ahead to you you will be able to represent the levels of knowledge of creative forms, as for example with icons, I sweep or stars, that will allow that the person who reads the curriculum processes the data perfectly.

Other qualities and I interest

As final section, you can include here all that with your form to be. As they are your hobbies, what you like€¦ so that the recruiter becomes an idea of your personality and he knows a little you more before doing it personally.

How to make a curriculum vitae perfect?

In addition to knowing clearly what is the information necessary to make good a curriculum vitae, you must have presents the following advice:

  • He is very recommendable to accompany your personal information with a professional title, as for example, €œCook€ or €œgraphical Designer€.
  • It is well that you use bold to emphasize aspects, but you do not abuse it.
  • You do not write long paragraphs.
  • It uses the same typography throughout the curriculum, I never advise Times New Roman or Arial to you, since they are easier to read, and with a size of less than 11pt.
  • Assure to you that there is no misspelling, since that would cause a bad impression.
  • I know brief and concise and uses a simple language and listener. You do not repeat data.
  • You do not count more of the necessary thing. Ponte in the place of the person who is going to receive the CB: what needs to know? what aspects of my can be to him more interesting?
  • The perfect curriculum has an extension of a page, at the most two. So you will have to be clear and concise.

Tools to create a Curriculum vitae Online and free creative

As or you know, nowadays everything (or almost everything) is made by Internet. The curricula online are today the form most practical and direct to contact with companies since the benefits of this format are many, as for example their easy digital distribution and visualization in any device.

If you have knowledge in Web, you can go a little further on and present your CB in format HTML through wonderful groups in HTML to generate your Curriculum. This offers the possibility completely of adapting the design and the structure to your pleasure.

As it commented to you previously, we must catch the attention of the person of human resources at which our curriculum arrives to him. For it, I propose a series to you of resources in which you will find groups and programs free to create a curriculum vitae creative without needing having programming knowledge. Forget to you the Word and you create a unique and genuine curriculum!



    In Canva you will be able to feel like a true graphical designer. It chooses between all the groups that offer to you and leaves your next agape company.


    visual CB

    This webpage is specialized in very formal professional curricula for people who look for work in companies leaders. The curriculum groups that you will find are not as colorful as those of the previous Webs, but it is probable that they are to you very useful following the position to which you choose. Thousands of executives, engineers and consultants use this tool.


    live to career

    You will be able to create a curriculum of simple form from the gratuitous groups of CB that this Web offers to you.

    At the moment, one of the tools more used to create your curriculum online is Linkedin. This more adept platform gains every day, working as a oriented social network to networking in which the departments of human resources of the companies interact with the people who look for use. There you will be able to create your curriculum online and to unload it in pdf if it is necessary.
    For most creative, Pinterest is a source inexhaustible of inspiration in that you will find thousand of groups creative curricula and only that will cause that your curriculum emphasizes. If you have knowledge of Adobe, you can make a curriculum with Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop.

You have found what you looked for? You knew some the propose tools? You have some has gone to you better than another one?
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