10 advice to improve the Usability Web

10 advice to improve the Usability Web

The usability Web is defined as the way to design a certain website so that the users who sail in him interact in the design and the existing content of possible the most comfortable and intuitive way. For it the design Web of the site must begin to be realised under the premise to thus satisfy all the needs with the user and their experience while it sails in the Web, adapting to other concepts as they are the simplicity, creativity and originality.

The way to value the usability of a website is through the measurement of the following characteristics:

  • Simplicity of learning:
    How long a user in adapting to the design and the interface takes that finishes knowing for the first time to be able to begin to conduct the first battles.
  • Effectiveness of use:
    Efficiency at the time of developing the actions within the website once is known and it becomes familiar with the interface.
  • To memorise how it works:
    Capacity to memorise the basic characteristics of the interface to use it in the future.
  • Prevention of errors:
    The attendance to the users before possible errors or losses within the interface, for example an error 404, or alternatives before a product exhausted in ecommerce.

Difference between usability and experience of user


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Nowadays the word user experience is viral, whereas usability Web as soon as it names, both are very related, although the difference is that whereas the usability mainly is based or orients in the positioning of some elements within a website, as for example the adaptability to responsive, the use of colors that complement and help to the adaptability of the user, the types of typography and sizes, position of the images€¦ the user experience makes reference to the concept of how the user it sails in a Web, and the set of aspects that determine a positive or negative sensation while it interacts, that is to say, if they find what they are looking for, in that context and under which factors.

Aspects important to optimize the usability Web and the experience of user

Some of advice that improves the usability and the experience of user and its capacity to develop and to interact while it sails are:

  • 1. To maintain certain elements in the same place
    Elements as the bellboys, menus or logos must be always accessible in the same place of the screen. It is important that we can accede directly from a place to another one with a single click. In case these elements vary its location following the page or section in which we are is very probable that the user feels confused and disoriented.
  • 2. The bellboys who we use must maintain a relation with the rest of the design
    According to the action that does the button must have an aspect or another one. A button is not the same that opens a page, that a button that unloads a file.
  • 3. Menu of navigation
    As much for Search engine optimization as for the user it is important to optimize the number of elements that appear in the main menu of navigation, we must only include the connections to the most important pages of the site concerning business and SEO.
  • 4. To always indicate the user where one is
    We must indicate of some way where we were, in that divides or section: titles, routes, bolds€¦ etc. If we were at several levels of depth turn out advisable to use the calls breadcrumbs to orient to users and finders of where they are.
  • 5. Structure of internal liaisons
    The main menu of navigation is one of the main elements that make contributor the internal distribution of linking within the Web, although also exist other important sections where links to other important sections or elements as for example footer must exist or sidebars.
  • 6. Aesthetic creation of a minimalist one
    To suppress the content less important to emphasize the content that really matters, simplicity always is part of the effectiveness. To use designs overloaded with too much text without format or great number of icons and bellboys in a reduced space can get to be detrimental.
  • 7. Same design in all the domain
    He is habitual to listen to design proposals that include a different design for each screen, to respect to the 100% concept of usability Web is important that the most important parts of the design are uniform in each one of the sections, otherwise the user can feel rejection. An example of previously commented is when a website has a design different between its corporative part and its blog because not to have wanted to implement its design within a content manager that allows him to have a dynamic Web in all sections.
  • 8. Scroll and pagination
    An excellent aspect within the design and the fluidity of the Web and its navigation is scroll, we must consider that elements are in a first screenshot without needing doing scroll, in addition if our design is responsive this technique is complicated.
    In the same way the most important elements of the listings must appear in the first positions and the pagination towards secondary sections must be able to be realised of simple and comfortable way for the user.
  • 9. To show the step by step correct one within an electronic purchase
    In case we are in a website with purchase process is important to restaltar in that moment or passage of the purchase we were so that the user is placed, he knows where he is and what he is what must make to finalize the process, otherwise will feel frustration and probably he leaves the purchase before carrying out it.
  • 10. Faqs, support and help.
    The sections of frequent questions and help must be easy to find for the user, and is there where the frequent questions and solutions to the most common doubts are due to solve.

Conclusion: After valuing all these advice on the usability of our website with the purpose of to improve it, the final conclusion is that not only it is enough with a beautiful and impressive design that it transmits and it gets passionate, if not that we must optimize the architecture, the contents, simplicity, the user experience€¦ and really the complete usability on our creation Web.

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