Form calculator estimated for WordPress

Form calculator estimated for WordPress

If you own a website in that you offer different services surely you are in the situation to have continuously to carry out budgets before the requests that arrive from the contact forms. Sometimes these budgets are successful and they are closed, but great part of these budgets once is sent do not receive answer, or simply they are professional or companies of the competition that wish to know your prices and your way to define what is the sale price of your services, perhaps reason why the continuous dedication and manual to the elaboration of budgets can become a task in which you lose time and yield, therefore are worth the trouble to automate the process with a calculator of budgets through a dynamic form of prices.

If your Web is created under the WordPress technology you are of congratulations, through this article it will be really easy to you to implement a calculator of budget through plugins that generates this form.

So that you see that I talk about with false budgets that they make you waste the time, I put the following real example

Example of False Budget

Receipt a request of budget through mail, the person does not take the telephone, answer is sent to him to the mail soliciing more data for the elaboration of a budget and it does not answer.
false budget

Immediately afterwards we go to Google and we looked for this email of adressee in inverted commas, observed a quite strange detail, this email is within a list of post office within a file txt, and in addition it is indexed.
false budget

This listing that we found has hundreds of emails and the name of the file is €œmails studies of .txt company€.
false budget

This has bad dot, we went to see the WHOIS of the domain that contains the file txt with the list of emails that false requests of budget are sending us and making us waste the time. The WHOIS of this domain solves the following information to us, and we observed that behind all this there is a company of services Web that is dedicated to just like we.
false budget
Two advice Gentlemen:

  • He is not worth the trouble, are not two equal budgets in Devservice, so to establish your own tariffs and budgets, you do not copy ours, to be a little original please.
  • If you do these blunders you do not hang all yours mails in a list that hang by the root of a domain, whether mails are real as if no, you do not leave so important tasks into the hands of scholarship holders, and visit the LOPD.
  • Therefore, and returning to our subject, a way to filter clients and to sharpen results can be to automate the process of the accomplishment and shipment of budgets, obvious a personal attention to the client certainly turns more, but at least this automatic filter will avoid to you to waste the time with personnel who only looks for to inquire and that surely never he will get never to contract nothing.

    Plugin Calculator of WordPress budget

    To unload Plugin calculator WordPress COST
    This plugin allows us to create of simple and effective form a form of dynamic and automatic budgets in your WordPress site. You will find up to four forms demo to load them of example and power to test pertinent that you wish, has a simple design that in addition can be formed with the colors of ours theme and that facilitates the experience of user within the budget form online.

    With this calculator of prices you will be able to form your automatic budget, without needing making the process manual of collection of data, valuation and shipment of an answer.

    The basic characteristicses of this Calculator of prices are:

    • Text boxes to introduce data in the form
    • Bellboys Switch ON/EN Off
    • Sliders numerical that increases or falls through sliding with the mouse
    • Code of ReCaptcha verification
    • Pull-down menus with images and icons
    • Multi-language
    • Compatible with line of vision to composer

    budget wordpress

    Within the form of budget calculator we can play with fields and dynamic values to our taste, once have settled down the obligatory values in the asked for fields the calculator will assign a total price to us by the value of the budget.

    Once complete, the contact form is sent along with all the filled out data so much when webmaster as to the person who filled in the form of budget in your Web WordPress.

    Forms boiler

    To unload Forms Boiler
    boiler forms
    Another possibility to elaborate budgets through form of WordPress is this plugin gratuitous for WordPress, in the same way that the previous one, this tool allows us to integrate the functionality of which our visitors Web can by themselves realise a quite approximate calculation of the budget for the accomplishment of their project. Forms boiler is a solid option that allows to operations dynamic outposts and for the calculation of the budget through a form customizado enough enough.

    Gravity Forms

    To unload Gravity Forms
    gravity forms
    Although it is of payment, Gravity forms is a powerful tool use Web very easily, in case outside little it has a powerful community of developer behind. With this option also you will be able to create a dynamic form to calculate budgets online.

    If you need it you have to your disposition an ample fan of addons to add diverse functionalities to which they come by defect with basic plugin:
    Addons For Gravity forms

    You know some other calculator budget for WordPress?
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