How to manage to be a professional of

To be a Professional of

Good in the first place that nobody takes to bad east article, the purpose simply is that the community learns and becomes rich of the experience that others have.

A long time ago I learned that in the businesses it is necessary to walk warily, you must project a professional image to your clients and not let take by emotions nor let to you to you condition by anything.
The best thing from the home is to maintain a near position and amiable but without letting cross that barrier, we must cover the rear and to go with precautions so that they are not wanted to exceed, since the client when she pays certain amount of money in return will try to remove the maximum benefit (by all means like we do all in some occasion).


Basic norms to secure to be Professional of ?

  • Good personal aspect
    Good this is very very personal, but of course something that affects much and is tidy to go and with more or less normal clothes to the interviews. And I do not say to this because the computer science ones we have a fame of €œout of order and neglected€, I as for me always I try to go with a minimum of care, neither in suit of jacket nor either with the old clothes in comfortable plan. Before the doubt of how she will be the client the best thing is something standard.
  • You do not speak bad of people other people's to the conversation
    It avoids to speak badly of other professionals, the competition, other clients or situations that are had to you complicated in excess. It admits if they ask to you that you have had to solve some situations, but you do not speak in excess of problems because the bad energies and the distrusts will begin to appear quickly.
  • It takes care of the Sensations
    It tries to give the sensation of which you are a FIAR person, which you know to organize, to correctly supervise and to realise timing of the equipment that helps you to program.
  • Nonempatices too much
    You do not make nor you mix too much confidence with the client through calls and whatsapp, uses whenever you can the mail of company to solve the urgent subjects the less.
  • €œI am reunited€
    Show you as a professional who is occupied, although at home you are thrown seeing soccer and boring without any project you do not answer fast the telephone. You are desperate, never be done merit, pon a good price to your work and leaves them come.
    This is as the girlfriends: if you are behind them all day in the end will happen of you, it uses the technique of €œHello, I am reunited, immediately I call, we spoke to you to afternoon€.
  • It acts sincerely
    Something that always works is the natural being, the being you yourself and to admit certain aspects and services that you cannot offer to the client, but in return you can offer these others to him (your strength). If you know it to focus well, this technique will take you to the absolute SUCCESS. But with care, you are not too aggressive, it estimates the situation little by little and it observes how it is assuming what these saying to him, if were not silent well€¦.you do not try to repair it of blow because it can still worse be.
  • It respects the word turn
    It is necessary to know how to listen what the person wants, leaves the one speaks, that is expressed and it says to you that it is what it has heard or seen and as is what he thinks that wants, respects the word turn and later let complementary questions him to know what is what it really thinks.
    After this small introduction your moment will have arrived where you will be able to express your knowledge and you will speak at length in the subject, then the client will be more receptive to listen€¦ and you will stay as a God.

Now that we know ourselves same, we are going to come To know the types of Clients with whom you can be found:

Taken care of with the Abusive Clients, Types of clients:

  • The Cat:
    As a rule the client of a design Web usually is distrusted and normally she does not own many technical knowledge, reason why the ignorance as well generates distrust on the work that these doing to him.
    This in the long run can bring problems if the communication between both is not fluid. it passed me in an occasion that I made a Web with source code from zero and when giving it the client told me: €œdoes this have to be a group of these beautiful ones that becomes in half an hour no? €, this person was a cat (very distrustful), but in the end was happy when I showed timing to him of the work and what she had created to him.
  • The Zamanfous:
    This type of client is the one that from the home gives the same everything him and it does not have preferences for anything; €œYou do it to your taste, you are the professional€, €œgives equal the colors me, the positioning€¦ everything! €€¦ but later is that it wants everything to his taste, until minimum detail, which in the long run for us is the work double.
    In order to avoid this kind of problems I recommend to you to create a good contract of design Web before home to work. For it I recommend this article to you: design contract Web
  • The Cantoso:
    The one that from the home is seen him come with many exigencies. The best thing is to flee from certain people, if you see it clear you do not squander your time nor your energy.
  • Topo:
    awkward person
    The typical case of a person who seems not to have idea than is contracting, but later it comments to you as putting pressure to you that their brother or his best friend is computer science and who is saying such to him and what. I recommend to you to do always your work and to be all either detailed one, or touches a client to you with computer science knowledge or without them.
  • The Ingenious one:
    When the moment arrives for putting hands to the work to correct certain aspects of the project Web, sometimes characters arise who tell you €œI have a well-known or a friend that is interested in your services, I can give your telephone him€. In most of these cases which the client tries he is to exceed itself with the modifications of the Web before publishing it, thinking that your you will swallow yet because he is obtaining clients to you. Than you see creates half to you, than you do not see you are not created anything.
  • The Normal one:
    Utopia, when you have the luck of which a normal person contracts to you you will be able to relax and to do a good work without distortions, which will be reflected in the final result of the Web, fulfilling all the expectations and objectives. It is necessary to let develop to the professional all their potential and creativity, in this way you will obtain the maximum benefit.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,

By “scar Carrillo