The Technological Union: Design Web, Development Web and Systems

The Technological Union: Design Web, Development Web and Systems

Today we will speak on the new Technological Union that has been created thanks to the design Web, the development Web and the systems management. In many University races more and more one lies down to study common or very similar subjects, reason why we considered towards where our formation goes and that it is what a client needs a specialist in an area? or understanding in everything?

Now we think from the point of view of the client:

  • An Advising, budget and home
  • Graphical Diseo.
  • A development in PHP and Javascript
  • A servant, hosting
  • Somebody that Manages the Servant to him.
  • Positioning Web

To the client really it gives him just as you are Freelance or you are Company, because it is going to you to demand all the complete pack of services, the client does not understand of specialists nor of concrete areas, and you cannot force to him to that it understands that your only you dedicate for example to the design Web. If beams that obvious will be displeased.
Every time we must be more preparations so one comes us above, we consider that just a few lucky are able to leave ahead being specialistic in something very concrete, the majority of people who we dedicated ourselves to the new technologies we are: €œunderstood of a whole little€. In the end you end up touching design, development, systems, data base€¦.and what lack does.

€œComputer science€ or the designers or people who we worked in the new technologies we are destined to learn every somewhat new day. You do not make case to people who speak you of the success to work with soul, of defending your rights, to educate nothing else to the client€¦ far from the reality! This is as pure fantasy and lasts that it does not have anything to do with the real world.

That this article will cause that receives some critics on the part of the sector that thinks different, and that they defend the design Web as a spiritual art€¦ while I see it as an all united one that she advances in mass. In the end who knows to differentiate design, development and systems? Only those that we have studied something related to the subject, but the people of the street, the simple and common user that contract a project does not see the difference.
After all we worked by money, so that the client is satisfied, and to have a promising future, we are not deceived same with utopias that do not exist.

My advice is: work and constant study, a true professional does not cling to anything, and every day learns something new. That is the best spirit than it is possible to be had.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo