If you are Blogger, this one is your moment! Why?

If you are BLOGGER, this one is your moment!

Some ago years, to prevail in Internet it was enough with buying 20 names of domain that had the key words more competed and connecting them to each other, static, fixed, boring and simple pages that they were limited to supply services and to hope that clients rained.

At the moment the situation surroundings to the majority of businesses online is different. The companies of reputation that have been updated as far as their methodologies and look for an approach with the user, basing their image of business on Internet as something more near human and, although the objective are already many, by all means, continues being the same: to obtain the majors possible benefits.

What paper plays bloggers in all this?

The new tendency of web2.0 offers to bloggers and the survivors of Internet, to which I would define as users with a high level in social engineering, the possibility of leaving in projects with costs ahead reduced but that look for a greater social repercussion. And as every time they are plus the projects that have these characteristics then€¦ greater number of bloggers make lack to remove ahead all this, you do not create?


When we mounted site Web, first that we tried it is that it has some constant benefits, and if you can have everything automated and to be seated in the sunlounger hoping to see as the bank account better gets fat then than better.
Nevertheless, the reality is totally different, and is that it is required of one or several figures that manage and sell: greater approach to the user, I connect, social networks, publications, contained viralizados, pursuit of the traffic and analytical, monitoring€¦ if you pay attention, in the end is all tasks that any blogger with few years of experience know and realise of end to tail.

You want to sell in Internet? then I believe that you need all this and, by all means, many energies on your table of work to be able to find a new client.

The new type of web2.0 looks for content managers who imply themselves, that they look for the user in the communities, the social networks, the viralizaci³n of contents, the positioning Web and the publicity and marketing. Therefore if you as much realise these activities for your business online as for the project of others, you will have a labor exit in Internet.

I already have been years seated in front of a screen, from small my computer he was as a door to a new world, and some years later my experience says to me that many things in this sector change, although some landlords time and time again continue themselves repeating in the same way.

I put an example so that you understand to me. When I began to interest to me in contents as the computer science security, hacking, the C++ programming, looked for in Internet but the social networks nor the blogs did not exist, but what yes that existed they were the first communities where to find shared resources in order to learn all together ones to each other, and search the progress in group, that is to say: €œthe GNU/Linux philosophy €œ: To share and to participate in the learning for others.

Of that philosophy of work I was impregnated and, shortly after, I knew the first operating systems LINUX that I could unload my modem 56K, and from all that one I drew a conclusion, and is that if joint parties the knowledge that you also have you leave winning! , because today thanks to all those users who offered in tray their experiences and their tutorials to me, I can say that I have acquired the abilities and the techniques necessary to handle me in the means in which work, the network of networks: Internet.

By some personal reasons, throughout my life I have learned to share my knowledge with the people who I believe that they are worth the trouble, that is why I am today here writing and sharing this article in Whitechsolutions, because this form all we will leave winning.

Approach you the new model of business in Internet, undertake and you be done a survivor, it shares contents, viraliza and it takes advantage of to top means and all the resources that you have to your reach. It lives web2.0, it mixes the experience and the knowledge that you have in your Web or blog.

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A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo