Design Web WordPress Barcelona

We design focused Webs to secure to optimal results with effectiveness and usability


In Whitechsolutions not only we created Webs if not that we considered that the creation of a website is a process that it requires of certain complexity since it is not sufficient with that the webpage is showy, if not that in addition the design Web must be of fast and intuitive interface so that the most important elements are accessible facing the users. We make in the majority of the cases design Web in WordPress, popular and efficient a manager of contents who allows to develop a totally adaptable structure us.

We perfectly include all the process of development of a Web and we framed it and we offer within a service 360º that includes all the necessary technology for the creation of the Web and later self-management, is for that reason that we considered that WordPress offers a perfect solution to us for the majority of projects that do not require of a development or programming to average.

Process of creation Web in WordPress

1. Analysis of your business/sector

We advised to you to decide what type of Web is adapted, for it in the first place we make a valuation of the sector, the business and the objectives to reach, study of competition and definition of the adapted strategy more after your company or marks personnel.

2. We study the message to pass on

We realise a previous study to the development of your webpage to agree which is the image is desired to transmit and how to do it of the suitable way more. We define the message to transmit through the Web and all the elements that compose it, as titles, images, bellboys, etc. We created mock up with the structure of the site to organize all the work carried out until the moment.

3. Look & Feel

Home of the design and the programming of the Web maintaining the predesigned image at the home we realised pre design or sketch in which one works aspects among others Look & Feel.

4. Publication and indexing Web

Publication online of the project, indexing in the main web search engines so that it begins to attract the first searches by brand of the users who already know you.

5. Pursuit and monitoring

If you wish it we will work in way advising and consultancy thanks to our equipment, the main objective sera to generate the visibility and necessary popularity in Internet so that the users who look for the service to you or product know that you offer in your website.

6. Attainment of objectives

We look for to obtain the best results jointly and power to fulfill all the objectives marked in the project, we realised the best possible strategy and is for that reason that our projects own a great percentage of success in Internet.