To detect theme WordPress of a Web

To detect Theme WordPress of a Web

Sometimes sailing by Internet we found pages Webs that we like and as developer Web we want to extract all the information possible and to find out that CMS uses, if it is operating under WordPress, Drupal, Joomla€¦ etc. and by all means that theme or soles this operating and what plugins uses. Once we have extracted all this information we will be able to develop a similar Web of fast and much more simple way.
Of course I personally do not recommend to copy to the 100%, but that we can take all these data as reference to be able to develop and to arm to pages Webs with all the tools that we have to our reach, and of course while ampler it is our better knowledge in resources will be the results in our development Web.

To find out that CMS, theme and plugins use a Web


  • Built With is a very complete application Web online, makes our available great amount of data and information of a website: technology of the servant, supplier of hosting, CMS used, bookshops of Javascript, tools of analytical, codification€¦ etc.

  • She is similar to Built With and it has aspects very similarities, it can merit as complement to the previous tool and to even obtain a little more data.

  • is an application online that only offers to us under which CMS (manager of contents) this working the platform Web, or Wordpres, Joomla, Prestashop€¦ etc

Tools Online to detect the WordPress subject

tools wordpress

  • WordPress Theme Detector is another application online that works to detect theme wordpress under which a webpage this operating. Name of the group, licenses, author, version€¦ and plugins that is active.
    The strength of this tool is that plugin offers the real name of each, the image, the description, its popularity in applicable case, the data of if plugin is gratuitous or no, and the real connection to the Web of plugin.

  • WhatThemeWPisThat
  • Similar to the previous tool, can be arranged to obtain some that another data of more.

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