To modify or to hide theme WordPress

How to modify or to hide theme WordPress

In diverse reasons it can interest to modify or to hide to you to the name of theme WordPress that you have in use, or by personal questions or of development Web, or you perhaps wish to hide theme under which you are working for the simple reason that another developer does not copy the idea to you with tools Detectors of theme wordpress.


If you are in that situation you can conduct this simple operation in 3 small steps:

  • Renombrar the directory who contains ours theme.
  • To modify the file screenshot.png located in /themes/nombredeltheme/screenshot.png. This file contains the customized image that gives aspect to your theme within the administration panel.
  • Finally we must also modify the file that contains the main leaf of styles, that is to say: style.css, once inside we published and we modified the commented text that form to the name of theme gives, the author, the description€¦ etc

Repairing possible errors that the modification of the name of the directory of theme produces

When modifying the name of the directory who contains theme, is little probable, but a small possibility that fits some route of directories that is kept in the data base can be seen affected, in case for example it had a route kept in him from the type: /var/www/vhosts/nombredominio/wp-content/themes/ELNOMBRE-ANTIGUO-DEL-THEME/loquesea€¦.

In that case we can accede to the data base WordPress, and realise a consultation SQL in which we look for within all the tables the registries that contain the chain with *elnombre of theme*, later to replace them by the new name. Although I repeat, in the majority of the cases I do not believe that it is necessary to realise this step.

And to finalize by all means well-taken care of with the updates€¦ and the rights of author, for it I recommend this article How to create a Child Theme WordPress

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