The Keys of the Success for a Blog

All the keys of the success for a Blog

Sites Web clearly has evolved in recent years, now the dynamic content in Internet is in the top, and until the most painted already it knows that to have an extreme Blog at the time of positioning enough to you and being most successful in your Business Online.

To write in a Blog is not a simple task and we have to create or to obtain our own source of inspiration, in the majority of the cases this turns out to be a task of most complicated, since obvious every day we were not with the same energy and concentration as creating a post incredibly good. For that reason we must look for with patience as they are the keys of the success for a Blog.
The contents every time are more dynamic and the objective is that your entrances in the Blog €œare viralicen€ by the social networks, behaves and creates a traffic of quality in your site. The problem of this type of evolution that we are crossing is that what you write and you are able to viralizar every time it has a earlier expiration date, for that reason we asked ourselves€¦.


  • In Other Blogs and Publications
    Although we want it to deny, not all our contents and original publications are 100%, this is materially impossible. Like on the world of music, books or any other type of art€¦ our works are based on external inspirations. When we developed an idea, our brain always resorts to the place of the memory where we have stored some bases, some ideas, some memories€¦ etc.

    One is not due to copy exactly, but continuously these reading publications of other people in communities, social groups and networks, which yes you can do is to form a general concept to you than they speak and to add your own experience, your opinion to him and to create your own Post, Why NO?

  • In you own experience of user
    If you put yourself of the side of the user and his experience with applications, Webs, programs€¦ surely will happen problems and enigmas that you will have to solve. Once solved you can go to your Blog and Publish problem + the solution.
    This type of contents if you know them to create well, can last enough in Internet, comparison with the precise news, that perhaps in one week he is expired and no longer he will generate neither quality traffic to you, nor benefits and to only will by ricochet generate a little the more percentage you for your site.
  • He looks for the participation of the users
    You do not write only for you, of your own experience, you do not only seem and blurred. It looks for and it mixes contents in which one favors the participation and the opinions of the others. It looks for Feedback and the feedback.
    If you like to help the others and that makes you feel well, the blog will be something very positive for you, since many people will request advice and help to you. In return your indirectly you will be receiving ideas for future publications.
  • Of the constructive critics
    From all the critics a point of inspiration and overcoming can be obtained, as long as they are constructive, How to know if a critic is constructive:
    Commentaries in your publications that have name, last name and email, first that we must consider at the time of valuing if a critic is constructive or destructive it is to see if the user gives the face and he is identified, you do not lose the time reading commentaries that are not identified by users who hide behind the screen to alleviate their frustrations, fear, problems and insecurities.
  • Of the destructive critics
    Of all the bad one also it is learned if you know to canalize very well your energies. When a commentary comes from which only looks for to do damage psychologically to you, or because you are its competition, or because it tries to destabilize to you€¦.it thinks three things:

    1) That individual already volume the annoyance to read itself to you.
    2) The one that minces garlic eats.
    3) If you then canalize your energy of rage that arrives a destructive commentary to you, you can redirigirla towards good thoughts that they will make you prevail.

    You know the soccer player Diego Costa the Athletic one Madrid? , always it causes, cause to him, fight and they insult to him until death€¦.and the party always finishes in the same way: Diego Costa knows to canalize its energy and ends up marking an authentic great goal, whereas their competitors are out of position of the rage. jejejeje (this behavior always causes a great admiration to me, seems to me extremely intelligent).

  • To be a professional
    If you want that a blog or business online works first you have to be a professional in the deal with the users, in many occasions you will around have problems that you will have to solve of the best form, you do not enter dilemmas that do not agree to you because they will absorb your energy and your publications will be affected.
    It remembers that in which you write is reflected what really you are, you do not lose your course and your modal ones only so that other people do not have€¦ will end up taking them to your valuable energy source and inspiration, something too valuable to give it so easily, you do not create.
  • Faithful same
    It trusts your contents, in your ideals, and in this way it tries to adapt you to means in which you are of the possible most natural form, you do not force the things nor you want to pretend what you are not. In this always I put my example: I am system adiniatrator, and study SEO and Development Web every day, attempt to be a professional and to include a ampler sector in the one than I believe that all this related Inter.
  • The supports and the constant work
    I leave for last the most important thing of everything: The received supports. When everything seems cloudy and that you are making an effort to you in which you do not know if really it works€¦ can appear a call of spirit of a reader. me it has recently happened a call of a Latin American reader, who called to me across of the pool to only be thankful for the contents that I offer and the consideration to me that they have to me there. (By the way this person is director of a famous newspaper and later looking for references hers I realized that appears in the encyclopedia. From here and if you are reading I want to thank to you to me for your call, Jose. Me animastes that day)

    The constant work has its benefits, it is only necessary to know how to be and to wait for the moment without precipitation. The formula of the success is: work and more work. It is important to be centered and to look something positive in the way that helps you to continue fighting and working more and more. Spirituality always is important, but the work is it still more, is clients who want practical, fast and economic things, and is necessary to be preparation to adapt to us to this new professional world that appears to us in front of us.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo