WordPress: To form total plugin W3 breaks

To form total plugin W3 breaks

One of the main requirements to position site in the finders is to improve its speed of load Web, no matter how much our source code is clean and the contents are of great quality, nonrankea a slow Web in Google.

If we can allow us, a good physical and dedicated servant gives many problems us at the time of fulfilling certain necessary aspects in speed of load and the rapidity, but even so he will be needed to form some units within conf of the service apache of our Web server, for it next we will explain all this more in detail.

total W3 breaks plugin wordpress

When we used the tool Page Speed to have an approximated scale of our Web, Google already warns that we must form the cache for certain elements as images, css, Javascript, compression gzip and a long etc. to us If we do not own many knowledge advanced in Systems and servers but we worked under WordPress, perhaps the luck is of our side because Total call W3 exists plugin breaks, that is going to us to facilitate much the things.

Activating units apache in Linux

Total plugin W3 breaks is going to work of the hand with certain modules of the demon apache, therefore first of all these modules have to be active so that plugin can realise the pertinent processes within the service.
As a rule and in the last versions of apache, these modules come active by defect, although in some occasion you can find them deshabilitados, reason why he is recommendable to supervise them before home.

In order to confirm that units you expire and deflate they are qualified in Ubuntu/Debian:
We write this in the terminal:

# a2enmod deflate
# a2enmod you expire

In order to confirm that they are qualified in Centos:
We go to the terminal and we confirmed that in the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file they are these qualified lines:

LoadModule deflate_module you modulate/mod_deflate.so LoadModule expire_module you modulate/mod_expire.so

Once we make the pertinent configurations in the section €œbrowser breaks€ of total plugin W3 breaks (that we will explain next), we will be able to verify his operation through following commando within the terminal:

$ curl - I http://www.tudominio/images/logo.png HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Fri, 18 Julio 2014 11:15: 39 GMT Server: Last-Modified apache: Wed, 09 Abr 2014 18:36: 27 GMT ETag: €œ1b1e197-1b3e-49e1101b340c0€ Accept-Ranges: Content-Length bytes: 6974 Break-Control: max-age=5184000 Expires: Fri, 28 Julio 2014 11:15: 39 GMT Content-Type: image/png

Installing total W3 it breaks

This it is the simplest step, as the rest of installation of plugins, plugins enters dashboard >> >> to add new, and looks for total W3 breaks and installs it
installing total W3 it breaks

General configuration of total W3 breaks

Once we have installed ours plugin, we will observe that in dashboard it appears the new called section Permormance, next we have of we directed to her and to enter settings generally. Here it is where we will activate and deactivate the general options that plugin contains.
total settings W3 breaks

They exist tutorial of configuration of total plugin W3 breaks that they recommend things of all type, but the certain thing is that each theme wordpress and each servant works and reacts differently. Each Web requires of a different configuration.
For this reason I personally recommend to deactivate all the options, and to be activating them one to one to observe as she responds to the pagination and navigation within each navigating Web. For example in concretely certain themes wordpress gives to problems the section me minify, that now we will see what is, and it really works to me faster with this deactivated option.

Configuration outpost of total W3 breaks

Each one of the options that appear in dashboard >> performance >> general settings we can form them in way advanced within each of his respective sections.
To remember that so that the section of specific configuration works must be active previously in permormance >> general settings


This option allows to qualify a static page of each one of the pages, which will cause that they load much more fast and we save resources in the servant.
I recommend in this way to form the section of page cache:
The rest as it is.


Minify eliminates unsuitable and white lines in files CSS and HTML, reducing the size and the load. In addition it will be able at the same time to load more files in each request to the servant.

this option in some themes wordpress gives to problems, doing very heavy navigation me and in addition giving problems at the time of showing to me pages me (sometimes it shows them in target), however in others themes goes perfect. It is question to prove it.
In Advanced: to leave it as it is.

Data base breaks

This option realises keeping from the consultations to the data base that each visitor realised in the Web. In this way when it returns and it returns to enter within the same section directly picks up the request of the cache, reducing therefore the time of load. This option sometimes is a little €œtreacherous€, so I recommend to prove it slowly.
Shelp this form it this way:

In the section Database logged in users€ and the others Breaks to qualify the option €œDon't breaks queries for to leave it as it is

Object breaks

Object I broke is similar to the option database breaks, the difference is in which saves objects of the data base of the servant to accelerate the time of load. It has the same problem that the previous option, that is to say, sometimes saturates a little the requests to the data base, it tries if activating it goes better or no, and values.
Form it of the following way:

To also leave all the options as they are predefined, not to touch.

Browser breaks

Browser cache indicates to the navigators Web how long will remain an image or object in the cache until being expired. So that the visitors who return to the Web will not have to return to acargar all the contents, thus saving requests to the data base.
Su config is thus:

to browser
And the rest so what.

The other sections of configuration of total plugin W3 break are complementary and cover other needs that a Web stops €œstandart€ we would not have to touch.
I recommend at the same time as we are modifying the options to be proving the yield manually through our different navigators Web and the tool Page Speed de Google.

I hope that this tutorial of is of utility!

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I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo