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If you have entered this post thinking that we are going to explain since to make a proposal of design Web you are perhaps going away to surprise and so you are going to read. One is not an article in which is explained step by step as to create a design proposal, if that I am going to give some you do not rule that under my point of view they will save energy and a very valuable time to you of your schedule.

If something I like to do when I write is to be realistic, the philosophy of work of this Web is not other than to be sincere with we ourself and the clients who surround to us, good and sometimes sometimes less good, like the designers Web and the designs (as everything in the life).

When you position yourself in Google by keywords as design of webpages obvious you receive many daily consultations asking estimated and also asking for propose and fresh ideas. Lately I have taken enough tirria to this word (propose), I confess that when I listen to it or of home I distrust of that person that I have to the telephone or the mail. Why?

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Why a design proposal Web can make you waste the time

A design proposal Web is different from a budget Web, since normally a budget usually does not include a sketch in photoshop nor a development of the ideas as extensive as a proposal, that even can require of a previous analysis of the situation and home (the more work still).

If you read this post and you have another different point of view I am arranged to listen to it and to debate it, my present vision on the subject is that I have verified that the majority of people who ask of entrance a design proposal Web is other designers freelance who do not know as arguing or by where to focus his new projects, or simply they are users who are looking for an effective solution for a project which they have in mind, their main objective is that this document is created by a good professional, later to take the picked up data (free of charge in the majority of the cases) and to take it to another person or company who works of economic way, so that they will be able to develop this initial idea with slogans of somebody supposedly more qualified and with experience.

We have to develop this proposal or no?

  • 1. The mail with the proposal request goes specifically directed for you.
    A good filter to know if we must develop or to not request it of a proposal for a design Web is to observe if the consultation is directed specifically for us. It seems something obvious, but normally if you read slowly you can see details that expose€¦

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  • 2. Llama to the interested one, speaks with him and estimates it.
    Before seeing his project, putting on the table the picked up data and to see if he is viable, as they are his strength, weak€¦ etc, will be necessary to call to the person at issue and to listen to their voice, the first sensations never usually deceive, although this is something very very personal.
  • 3. Beam to see that the development of a proposal is work.
    To develop a design proposal can contain a file photoshop that the graphical designer must realise, or a text document seeing pros, cons, viability€¦ etc. All this requires working hours that the interested one must know, if it is a project on a large scale, in my opinion this is necessary to invoice it, since we passed of proposal to analysis Web or as you want it to call.
  • 4. It requests personal data
    It picks up personal data through a form in you ask for permissions to keep them in a file from data given of discharge in the agency of protection of data, €œif you facilitate your data to me I do your proposal to you€, since obvious for an anonymous person nonwork free. If the person at issue puts you stick I personally already I would have my taken decision.

Conclusion on €œthe proposals€ generally

You can save the budget of start up but what badly she begins bad finishes, the person who always realises an initial strategy elaborates it considering her own method of work, its equipment, its knowledge, and not those of others.

What you think on the subject? you can enter to value, to think and to debate

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