Ideas and profitable models of business online in Internet

Profitable ideas of business online to undertake in Internet

For a time the height of based or developed models of business around Internet has grown of exponential form. To develop an enterprise activity years ago was something reserved for a few. Only those more bold, and than in addition had the financing and the necessary resources, were candidates to be enterprising.

But luckily already we have left that model, the model based only on businesses offline. Internet has opened the doors to us to a world of new possibilities, since the models of businesses online normally are easier to implement thanks to the following points essentially:

  • They require of a smaller investment
    It is clear that we are speaking in general terms, since models exist online that require a high investment. Nevertheless, as you can read more down, it is possible to initiate and to create a business in Internet with a low investment, something that is hardly applicable outside the virtual world.
  • They can arrive at a much greater objective public
    You can reach to greater number of users of the network, the potential market obvious is €œlimitless€. It is clear that you must define your target of user and focus your business towards him. But whether your business is focused to a small niche as if you try to reach to a greater public, you will not have to hope to that this pass in front of your showcase. To define and to arrive correctly at your objective public are one of the most important and difficult points, but you are able it, you will be closely together of the success and to be able to have a business online in height and that prevails.
  • The scalability of the businesses online usually is high
    A present problem in numerous physical businesses is the costs associated to the growth of the volume of business. In Internet this can also happen, but it is easier to control it. That the increase of income does not take to associate with himself the same increase of costs, will be basic for the success of your business.

The cons however are:

  • New ideas
    One requires of new ideas and models if it is wanted to be true successful, and this really is not simple. Internet 2,0 is counted, and every time they are except the users who create in this type of announcement: €œIt creates a business in Internet and it begins from today to make money€.
  • You must think about the SEO
    Another essential point is the SEO, to have a good idea and in addition to optimize it for finders is not simple either. You will need the help a specialist in this area to plan the project from the first day. Google wants a perfect finder, and to adapt to him every time is more complicated.

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Main models of business in Internet

If you are arranged to undertake online some of the most popular models are these, and if you need it you can help of some advice you to undertake a business successfully online.

Portals Web of collaborative consumption

The businesses of collaborative consumption or more commonly known as P2P must as main objective satisfy the needs with interchange or transaction between users. This type of business is to the rise and turns out very profitable to begin to undertake since he only requires of the implementation of effective and efficient portals that solve these needs, and normally do not require of a great investment.

Some examples of this type of business online are: Wallapop, Airbnb or Blablacar.

Sector services

It is possible to make an interjection in this point, being clarified that here we will talk about mainly to businesses that have Offline presence, but that reinforces their activity thanks to Internet. In this case, the main tool online is the corporative Web, that serves as showcase and generator of presence of the company in the virtual world.
A correct work in the aspects related to the marketing of contents and positioning Web, will be able to attract a great number of potential clients.

Also certain businesses can exist that serve their of partial form or totally online. Lawyers, specialistic schools or consultants are some examples.

A clear example of business online based on the sector services is this Web: Devservice.



This he is one of the models that are growing more, concretely the numbers that are gone up to around are a +27% in 2016, although also later would be necessary to measure whatever of them happen of the first year, and this already is another history. Within e-commerce we can classify from a business of sale of imitation jewellery and glass beads to the Amazon giant. The facilities as far as the home of the business every time are majors thanks to the adaptation and facility of implementation of footbridges of payment in the different CMS as WordPress or Joomla from this sector.
Often the main tie of these models, resides in the search of suppliers and the estocaje of products.

Advice at the time of initiating your e-commerce

  • He realises a business plan: If you want to make the things of professional form, he tries to your business of that way. It thinks that your channel of sale is different from the one from the physical stores, but other enterprise aspects must be controlled in the same way
  • Center you in a market niche: An error common in this sector is to want to sell many products and if it can be to everybody to make more money. It looks for a saturated sector little and it works in him, thus you will secure more effectiveness.
  • It chooses economic and competitive products. Of this form you will win in sale impulsiveness at the same time as you will need a smaller initial investment.


This type of business would be a variant of the previous one. If we shelp that the main disadvantages of e-commerce are the search of supplier and the control of the product stock, with dropshipping we saved both problems. In this case the business online neither owns nor distributes the product, we say that it becomes an intermediary between the distributor (to dropshipper) and the final client.
The con of this model of business online, is that normally the benefit margins are smaller.

Advice so that your business of dropshipping is successful:

  • If your supplier also sells online will be difficult to you to compete with him as far as prices.
  • It selects to your supplier well. AliExpress or Servicio Shipping Drops is two portals where you can look for and compare suppliers.



The business of the affiliation is another model to the rise. Their low investment and sometimes high yield is the main reasons by which numerous people invest in this sector. The main difficulty is in which it stops to make profitable the business, it is necessary to generate much traffic and that is not as easy as at first it can seem.

The entrance takes place by CPA, that is to say, cost by acquisition of a certain product or service of a third party. The percentage of conversion (amount of the people that buys the product or service in our page of the total that visits it) will mark the viability of the business.

Advice successfully to create a Web based on marketing of affiliates

  • Again, to segment correctly is key to attract towards the Web people interested in the product or service that you offer.
  • You will have to work hard to position your Web since this way you will only be able to attract the volume of visits necessary to maintain the yield.
  • It tries to obtain subscribers to your lists of mail since usually they are purchase object appellant and can benefit to you.
  • It negotiates the commissions by sale well, you are not satisfied to first that offer to you and studies all the alternatives, if not it beams, the yield will be negative, and you will finish burned thinking about that your supplier is benefitting to your coast, and your gain is ridiculous.

A clear example of business online based on the affiliation marketing is:, a on sale dedicated portal of monologues through the affiliation of diverse platforms and integration of several APIS that concern the billboard of comedy activities.

Income by publicity

If you have a Web or blog by far traffic on thematic determining, another option for which you can show preference is the publicity.

An option is to implant Google Adsense in your Web. On the other hand you can lodge banners of businesses related to your niche. Also you could create a directory where the businesses related to your sector can announce in outstanding sections of the Web through a certain quota. If it also interests to you you can find different alternatives from google adsense

This model can be combined with the one of affiliates.

Advice if you want to lodge publicity in your webpage:
If you are decided by the model of Google Adsense, they ten in account that you will have to generate much traffic towards your Web to secure the wished income since the payment by click, usually is low following the sector in which you are.

Businesses online with true success

  • Businesses based on technology
    The related thing to the technology is an aspect that usually prevails over Internet, although is certain that a great competition in this thematic one always exists€¦ you can is simpler to contribute something new and different. If encounter a micro niche in which you can investigate and specialize you will have a percentage of quite high success.
  • Webs of specific formation
    Many Webs exist that offer formation online, but is rather less competition in specific formation online in very concrete areas, therefore certainly a demand exists that to take care of. If you have the necessary resources for it you can try to undertake by this way.
  • Businesses based on Marketing of contents.
    The content is one of the pillars in Internet and every day is more essential. If you have sufficient means and resources as to create a network of thematic blogs on concrete it is possible that sooner or later you can remove much party to him through reviews, notes of press, creation of contents€¦ etc.

Conclusions on the businesses online

These are some of the main options which you have at the time of initiating a business online. Often I am with people who left an idea of business when not generating this high performance to him in just a short time. And it is that the facility to create the structure in Internet can take to us to think that everything is equal of simple. Any more far from the reality. As in the case of any business offline, we need to spend to our project many hours to him of strategy and work so that it contributes yield to us, nowadays to create a business online of success without having time nor knowledge is almost impossible mission.

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