Model Estimated for Design Web

Estimated model Design Web

Some articles back we spoke envelope how to create a good contract of design Web, but by all means before realising a contract in the first taking of contact with the client we will need to use a Model of Budget for Design Web.

Sometimes we respond to consultations of the form of contact of our Web of fast way and through email, instead of stopping to respond to us of slow form and enclosing a document with an elaborated budget. In the long run if we do the things of a correct and documented form we will obtain better results, since something done well and always presented will enter more by the eyes of the client. Mainly when we spoke of a Designer Web.


Structure of the Model of Budget for Design Web

Data of Contact

  • Data of the Client
    Budget [Name Company to that we budgeted]
    Person of Contact [Name of the person who has contacted to us, responsible] [Telephone] [Email]
  • Data of the Designer
    [Name Company] [URL of the company]
    Person of contact [Name of the Designer] [Telephone] [Email]
  • Data of the Project
    Introduction on the Project, first data picked up and global valuations on the same. What we have understood than the client it has expressed to us in the first taking of contact, all this under a global vision of the project, its enterprise sector and other data of interest regarding the elaboration of the proposal.
  • Mission and Objectives to fulfill
    Definition of the objectives at which it is tried to arrive. Towards where they are wanted to direct and why they want to carry out this work under the vision of which it asks for the budget.
  • Our Vision on the Project and the objectives
    Own and personal opinion on its Project and its objectives, if you see some problem or discordance in which the client has reasoned or has thinking€¦ this will be the moment for being made see it and raise it something different.
    This point is the one that can do to you hard, if the person understands that you have a different and right vision on the idea that he had preconceived, but you do not move away much of its pretensions, perhaps the proposal is not of their interest and you end up yourself moving away.
  • References or works carried out similar
    If there are carried out similar works, you can here mark a good play, shows screenshots, graphical cases of success and elements to him that act of hook to end up gaining their confidence to you.

Name of Domain, Hosting and Maintenance Web

  • Name of Domain
    Here we will detail if the client has a domain or needs to acquire it. We by custom always tried that the client buys his own domain, if alternative it is not to buy it with the proprietor data of the client, and to only put to us as administrative contact of the same, in the long run to be we proprietors could be serious problem.
  • Hosting
    We will detail if it has some lodging in his power or we in particular recommend or we offer some Hosting or Servidor to him by something concrete.
    It is important east point, since many people think that to pay a Web she includes lodging, later this can take to confusion if we correctly did not clarify it from the home.

Responsibility and downtimes

  • Downtimes
    We will detail what is the downtime of the Web and under what causes would be allowed that this term could be extended.
  • Responsibilities of the Contents
    What contents will have the Web and of that they are responsibility: texts, images, videos, themes€¦ etc.
    In case the client is the person in charge of the delivery of contents, we must reflect that if is delayed in the delivery of the same, the term of publication of the Web could increase.

Price and form of payment

  • Price
    Very Important: Sectoriza the budget in this point, you do not show a round amount to him as 800 Euros.

    The most adapted in my opinion it is to show it thus:
    Design Web: quantity
    Development Web: quantity
    Code Optimized for the SEO: quantity
    Contents: purchase of images, texts€¦ etc: as much
    Hosting: quantity.

    To the people when they give us a round amount we lie down to feel rejection and distrust (it I will be able to find and cheap better more in another place), but samples the price segmented and divided the person will think that it needs all the extras: optimization of im¡gemes, optimization SEO, purchase of original images including in the project, hosting professional€¦ etc.

    That it sells more?
    1) you have a complete pack with ipad by 700 Euros
    2) you have ipad by 550 + if you want cover so that + are not broken to you 50 Euros, and if you love an extra shipper for car + 99 Euros. = 699 Euros
    Obvious the option 2) it sells much more, thus we are generally.

  • Form of payment
    Finally it would be good for detailing the payment method. I personally always do it of the following form:
    50% at the home of the work and 50% after the publication of the same.

Next steps:

It always is important to indicate and to facilitate the following steps once the budget has been of interest, in case of accepting the proposal the client must what must do, method of contact€¦ etc.
Essential it to include a phrase that serves as summary and method as pick up as for example:

€œWe are sure that we are the best and more optimal answer to its needs. In order to accept this budget on the development of its webpage, simply put yourself in touch with us. Next we facilitated the contact data.€

He is basic to emphasize everything what it favors to us and makes us emphasize by all means with respect to the competition, presenting it in a clean and attractive document visually, and still more if we dedicated the sector of the services of design of webpages.

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