Development Web Barcelona

Development of webpages. Programming for WordPress and applications Web


Development and programming Web

We understand by development Web to the following process that is realised in a project Web after the stage of preparation and design Web.
A development Web in addition consists of the set of programming and necessary source code for the execution of an application in a certain webpage. The development Web is used mainly for clients who require of a program or €œa special€ functionality within their Web.
Between the technologies more used for the creation of applications Web they are: PHP, Javascript, MySql, ASP, etc.

In Whitechsolutions we created a development to size Web under an economic budget, so that you can see nearer the viability of his project or application Web.

Programming of applications Web

In Whitechsolutions we bet by the applications Web, accessibility to the data from any place and connected device to Internet, in addition to a perfect integration with other types of software for external communication thanks to app. The applications Web and its possibilities are infinite, creation of control systems of stock and any integration that it has or not that to see with the Internet, data bases or Intranet. Control of users and privileges for subjects relaccionados with workers, clients, administrators or suppliers. Really, any type of application as it is possible to be needed. 


For the projects with greater complexity and number of functionalities to add we created development of Webs to size based on framekorks Php, as for example symphony or code to igniter among others.  The programming and measurement allow us to have a Web that perfectly satisfies all the requirements asked for by our clients, not leaving of side no of the details that comprise of the development of the project.
For the rest of projects normally we worked with WordPress, since the development Web WordPress allows us to work a great number of functionalities to a smaller cost.

Characteristics of our Development Web in Devservice

Development Web for WordPress

Programming Web and development for the manager of contents CMS WordPress, themes to size with its own customizados functionalities and plugins to the 100% for its project.

Back development End

Programming that finds of the side of the servant created in languages as PHP, Python. Net, Java, etc, to serve all the seen on the part of the FrontEnd

Development of applications Web

Applications for Web with control of users and rolls, data bases with the advantage to be stored and executed through Internet.

Version control

We know the important thing that it is to take a control of the programming, therefore created specific surroundings to testear the yield before raising the definitive version production.

Front End development

Development of the user interface of the side of the client under all those technologies that run through navigating Web, touching the languages, HTML, CSS and Javascript

Scripts of systems

Control of the Web server at all levels, configuration of the services in charge to serve for the applications. Programming of scripts and necessary services.

Services of advanced programming Web

services of development Web

Data bases

Managers of content