To attract visits Blog €“ the 8 keys

To attract visits Blog

To catch visits for a Blog is difficult task, we are not going it to deny, mainly when you begin to publish quickly it give account that to send a Blog you successfully is quite complicated, later if you work of constant form you can lower a little the publication level, although never you get to relax to the 100% if you want to be there above.

How to attract visits blog is the first great question that all we were realised, and the answer is clear: in order to begin you do not have to write in your blog being tried to sell products or services directly, since the majority of users we felt rejection mainly when we were in this situation, if we were in ours first taking of contact with the website.

A blog must be something more elegant, able to create sensations within the objective public. The grace is in giving an attractive image able to seduce the readers, and this does not obtain otherwise that hard and constant work, segmenting very well the objective public to which they go directed ours posts, and dealing marketing about contents with much gentleness€¦ In this way with total security the results will end arriving sooner or later.

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It marks the difference to attract visits the Blog

If we want to become a thematic reference within a concrete one, we must be creative and to offer something new and personal that only your you can offer (for it the first step will be to know us same, our capacities, and the place of our brain from where we can remove juice that can attract the rest of people towards you, as if the bees to the honey it was).
Only thus you will have to the potential reading to you and your reach, now yes, preparation to culminate the objective of sale of a service, product or simply apt client to contact with you and to end up having a sale or conversion in your Blog.

8 keys to attract quality visits

  • 1. Visits appellants
    Sometimes we spoke much of the new visits, but an important part is the visits appellants, that is to say, visits that return at another moment, and is in those occasions when the user is more trusting to buy or to contract a certain service.

    A way to obtain to visits appellants is through method of contact of the Web. He is there where the reader will look for during some seconds a direct communication channel with you, if he does not find it accessible he becomes bored and he happens to another thing, therefore will be a lost valuable opportunity.

    For it he is recommendable to even use forms on the showy footer or banners in the lateral ones.

  • 2. Search of collaborations
    Unless you have a maze of blogs with thematic similars, more surely it is than you need collaborations and guests for your Blog. A single blogger it needs luck and to have something very very good to begin from 0 and to arrive at the success.
    We can invite to others bloggers, make interviews or look for any type of external collaboration that helps us to grow in our traffic Web.
  • 3. Landing pages
    You can experiment with landing pages with origin emails (newsletters), campaigns of publicity, banners sponsored in other Webs€¦ etc. A small investment never comes bad if it becomes of the suitable form.
  • 4 viral Contents
    We are artos to listen to this word, but few are those that know €œto make sound the flute€ and viralizar a content. Until headresses the chord of the reader with a post previously designed and attractive€¦ you do not obtain that the user shares that content in social networks. Over the years and the experience can be able to take to the point and the technique necessary to do it time and time again, nailing the dart in center of the morning call as a possessed person time and time again.
  • 5. It listens to the critics

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    If they criticize to you normally is that you have arrived until them, and you have brought about a reaction, therefore first and second objective is fulfilled. Now only it is to heft that critic and to see if she is constructive or destructive. In the case of being constructive take it as something to improve, and if she is destructive takes it as an acid test to answer calmly and of €œcorporative and serious€ way. If good it beams, those users will return and be future visits appellants towards your Blog.

  • 6. It promotes to others
    If you find a good content, you do not keep it for you, offers it to your readers, they will be thankful to you that you show good sources of intelligence within your contents. You do not take it as a direct competition, if as one it does not help privileged for your growth. Ten in account that the growth SEO of a Blog in certain percentage depends directly on the SEO of the blogs that you connect.
  • 7. Anticipate you to the demand of the content
    It creates contents that nobody looks for, today are not nothing, but tomorrow perhaps if, and although the desire are few searches certainly all for you.
  • 8. Lasting contents
    In blogs with thematic that they have as objective to secure conversions through any means that are not direct publicity, is important not to create publications that soon expire, that is to say articles on events, the news€¦ etc. This publication type are not worth for depends that sites.

Since we have been able to verify many of these points are oriented towards visits appellants, others however towards new visits. Often the objectives and the conversions of a Blog take place in visits nonnew, that is to say, reading or visitors who already know you previously, just like in real life when we are expensive to face.

For new visits the best thing of everything is to design the post of attractive form and as finishing touch to write a showy title and that our user catches.

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