6 Ways to make money with a Blog

6 Ways to make money with a Blog

Types exist many of Blogs and Bloggers although purposes with that everyone decide to create their website and to begin to create content and publications in Internet are very different, although when all Blog has a number of visits with which to be able to get to mint the question that arises is always the same:

What methods I must to make money with my Blog?

to mint my blog

What approach and possibilities I must to mint my Blog

  • 1. Putting Publicity in sidebar
    A form to mint the visits and the traffic Web of your Blog is looking for advertising sponsorships in the form of banners in the lateral column of the Web or other similar places.

    These banners will be able to pay them of monthly form to fixed cost, and you even can decide some variable price following the conversion in sales that come from these clicks of your Web.

  • 2. Consultancy

    When you have a Blog with good content and some regular visits normally to the users and readers arise questions to them you frequent that to do to you,

    In these cases you will generally ask to doubts on his projects or another type of questions. He arrives therefore a little while therefore that DES supply not to answer or perhaps to solve all these questions and you decide to implement a payment system to solve them of a more professional way, in this case blogger would be receiving by its services and the readers would have an answer of quality to their reach and a perfect advising without needing continuing spending time in their search of new resources.

  • 3. Giving formation
    Many Blogs finish opening a formation channel, normally with content multimedia in the form of videos, presentations€¦ etc.
    It is important to open certain contents free as hook later to receive by the rest.
  • 4. Ebooks of payment
    It can be a short term solution, many Bloggers reunite to the knowledge shaped in his posts, they reorganize it and they create ebook that sells to low cost, for example 3‚¬, this type of exits usually they have success to cut-means term.
  • 5. Integrating a store Online
    She is one of my preferred solutions, many blogs begin to be written without economic objectives, later they are successful and they reunite to traffic organic Web of key words of products and services that they themselves will be able to offer€¦.what better way than to integrate a store online within the blog to remove party?
  • 6. With Google Adsense or other alternatives
    The used technique more is to implement Google Adsense in the website to obtain benefits and to try to mint directly with publicity, although other alternatives to google exist adsense

What happens if we thought about making money before home?

It is important to have determined a strategy of contents at the home, and mainly to be right clear for which we want to create a Blog, although initially the economic objectives we must not have them in account until securing other goals as: the traffic Web, visits appellants, feedback with the users€¦ etc

Once fulfilled these stages and arrived at this point if that we could begin to think about making money through our Blog.

If we spoke of other types of Blogs that leave from home in projects Web as support to site corporative or a store online, logically the strategy in this sense would change enough. (In that case if that we would have to think about minting through publications).

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