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Everything what you need to know about the marketing of contents

At the moment two clear slopes as far as Blogs exist, on the one hand we have €œthe personal€ Blogs in which we sent and we grow our reputation online in search of opportunities of business at personal level, and on the other hand are the corporative Blogs in which mainly it looks for to create contents of quality around keywords which they include to your service or product.

Whatever your case, you will need a strategy and a marketing contents for your Blog. Perhaps you ask yourself, and by where home? , because simply to unite time and it gives, because in the long run both aspects will be necessary to implement in conditions a Marketing adapted within your Web.

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You do not forget that the marketing of contents, applied to the businesses online, conforms the key of the success. It seems evident that, if you do not obtain notoriety in the main finders, you will be to a passage of being invisible, and to use well this route can be something very beneficial for the future conversions of your digital business.

Steps to generate a correct marketing of contents

  • Initial strategy
    We must know envelope that to speak, since we have shelp in many occasions, Internet is a constant bombing of information, and before home we have to be conscious of what new knowledge we can contribute to the community, since if we were satisfied to repeating time and time again what we heard we will be very little successful with our publications.
    The reader would think: €œmore of the same, this uncle does not have nor p_ _to idea! , and the life wants to gain doing something that does not know.€
  • It segments your objective public
    Once we know envelope that to speak, the following one happened will be to know to whom to direct to us, that is to say, to segment target that visits your Web thus to hit upon with the language that better adapts them or to define the key words that more rightly describe the competitive advantages by which you want to be found. For example, it does not serve for anything to write up a post in professional super terms if you are writing Gu­a for nascent.
  • Time, gives and certainty in the new launching of publicacionces

    effort marketing of contents
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    It is important to establish some to us you rule and to be constant in the period in which we published (to write up content without no contribution ends up driving away to your buying readers or futures) or to realise an adapted management of the commentaries (to respond questions, to foment the participation, to generate debate, etc.) turn out highly advantageous to maintain the reputation online to the rise, as well as to improve the perceived image of your potential clients. And all this, without speaking of the loyalty and engagement that a good page of digital contents provides, adapted to the tastes and preferences of your clients.

  • Original content and use of tools anti plagiarism
    The following step therefore will be to create content of high quality, unique, exclusive and perfectly segmented for your objective public.
    It does not serve don't mention it that you copy, you plagiarize or you imitate to your competition. The duplicated content highly is penalized by the main finders that, as Google, count on effective detectors and implemented tools anti-plagiarism within their algorithms.
    If a content is original, it is connected by other pages through backlinks, or shared by a high number of users who visualize your publication during a lifted time later to continue sailing by your Web€¦ clearly is symptoms of very clearly contained of quality. In this case, you are in the good way to as much obtain a good valuation by Google as by the users usuary who visit your Blog.
  • Knowledge SEO
    This point is most important and the one than marks the difference. I do not try to criticize to anybody simply I put it as example and that each values the situation as it agrees to him or it desires more.
    A journalist can have an incredible knowledge on a matter, or a capacity superior to investigate and to write up on something, but in the majority of the occasions she fails when she creates a post, she has certain tendency to write up with language too much €œtechnician€ for my taste, something that to the majority of users who read blogs sounds to logorrhoea, parrafada and ends up finalizing in mental boredom.

    On the other hand to have knowledge in SEO allows you to as much design a post of much efficient way for Google as for the experience of the user who sails by your Web. A SEO creates intelligent titles and subtitles, and in addition it structures the article of more intelligent form, that is to say, makes listings, it puts phrases in bold, it generates sufficient spaces between paragraphs, it places images hook, calls to the action, connects with others posts€¦ because after all it monitors the Web and it knows perfectly what the user does within her. This point is most important if you wish that your marketing of contents marks the difference

From the above, it seems evident that a strategy of good marketing of contents designed, planned and executed is the most effective tool to pick up the SEO of your Blog. You do not resign to your own channel of spreading! , use it well and ten in this way special well-taken care of, because it is really a weapon of double edge.

What opinais? , Is this one the suitable way to create marketing of contents?

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