Connections follow nofollow and importance in SEO

Connections follow nofollow and importance in SEO

In the Positioning Web out-page we worked the SEO of external form to the website that we want to position within the finder, and as main characteristic of the SEO out-page is the Linkbuilding, technique that consists of creating external liaisons towards our Web, in order to increase to its authority and valuation in the finder.
Since we have already spoken in many occasions, the main objective of a good technique of linkbuilding is in the quality of the connections and not in the amount of the same.

In the first place to both differentiate types from connections or links who we are going to try in this post, follow and not follow.

I connect follow nofollow

What is a link nofollow

Nofollow is the attribute within the label HTML that it indicates to the finder that does not have to follow this connection.

<a href= "€ rel= " nofollow " >Texto ancla</a>

However, although the theory says a thing, the practice in this case says to another one, since the connections to us nofollow if that are excellent and important for the SEO.

The connections nofollow are born in 2005 of the Matt Cutts hand in order to avoid the crossing of page rank of some Web sites to others, as well as the pursuit of the text anchor of the same, that as we know well also is another very excellent characteristic at the time of relating a certain webpage to one keyword (to rankear one keyword).

Therefore, the attribute nofollow tries to avoid that Google inserts the connections specified in the general graph of the Web.

What is a link follow

Follow in English means €œto follow€, and when we spoke of follow or nofollow in the links, simply we talked about to the value of the attribute that we inlhelp within the label HTML that for of link. We see it in an example.

<a href= " " >Texto ancla</a> (the absence of the attribute rel= " nofollow€ indicates that he is follow)

To day of today, this type of links is complicated to obtain, if we spoke obvious of same Webs that have our keywords and are worth the trouble.

They help to the connections nofollow for SEO?

As we commented, according to the theory of Google, the finder does not follow the connections nofollow, although actually if it follows them, since from the implementation of the attribute nofollow in 2005, the majority of Webs that contain a considered number of connections between their content, decides on the strategy of which all their connections are nofollow. Therefore the creation of a link follow of quality becomes a task something more than complicated.

Really, the attribute nofollow has as main objective having adjusted the salient connections of a Web, avoiding that you transfer in excess your ranking for each occasion in which you want to implement a Link within your content, although in certain way it is continued respecting and valuing his existence for the positioning Web, also its text anchor also is continued considering.

Where to obtain to connections follow

The connections follow are complicated to obtain although nonimpossible:

  • In commentaries in blogs
    The majority of blogs in which we commented have the option to include a link, normally this usually is nofollow, although the case that can occur he is follow, is as finding a needle in a barn, but sometimes it happens.
  • In Webs of publications and the news
    Webs exist here in which you can send an article to publish enters it his contents, if you are livened up usually find links follow for your Web of resisted quality.
  • In directories
    As always with this subject they appear the directories. They exist directory gratuitous as DMOZ, but your Web is recent or still it lacks excellent contents and an acceptable valuation by the finder, nor you try it.
    Also they exist directory of payment, and many are those that say on the matter: €œthe payment directories no longer are worth for the SEO€€¦.either or! when they would really have to say: €œyou do not pay all in the payment directories€¦ because then who I am paying€¦ no longer he will be worth me for anything€ (By all means there are good and detrimental directories of payment.)
  • In other domains of your property
    If you own several domains under your property with the same keywords, you can connect them to each other and grow fast. The €œsmall disadvantage€ is that if already costs to grow and to remove a Web ahead, because imagine the effort and money to you that costs to do it with 3 simultaneously€¦
  • In friendly Webs
    He is complicated to do outside friendly and within Internet, but you have ability and a good communication, you will be able to secure connections of quality in Webs that are of your interest, you only must write and try it to see if it sounds the flute.

My recommendation is that construyais I connect of quality varying between follow, nofollow and the text anchor, and by all means while we realised this task we must maintain the respect to the users and the operation of the Webs where we created links (they do not make Spam). In this way the algorithm of Google will not be alarmed and we will be able to continue growing in our Positioning Web.

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