How to make a good Contract Design webpage

Sometimes it happens that we have clients for projects Web in which at the outset all normal march, but little by little is arising problems that us can generate many headaches until arriving at the situation of which you are totally absorbed and surpassed.
In order to avoid to have bad understood it is recommendable that we make a good contract on the Project of Design or Development Web in which we are going to work, in this way we will gather the detailed clauses and conditions of our good work, reducing this way the percentage of possible €œbad understood€.


he is better to anticipate itself to the problems before they happen, reason why I have created a listing of clauses that help to prevent certain aspects and common behaviors that usually they are repeated in several clients.

What assures a Contract to us

(As long as the two parts sign it)

  • To anticipate themselves and to reduce the risk of problems
    It is important to detail everything in a contract, in the future we will thank for it.
  • To make sure the collection and the payment between both parts
    With the contract and the invoice we made sure being able to receive, as long as everything has been in rule.
  • To have the option to cancel the contract and the work
    We can include a clause in which before possible abusive behaviors we can cancel the contract and the work that we are realising.
  • To cut by root the creation of new ideas nonstipulated in the contract
    It always happens that the client details certain aspects to us before home and in agreement we are advancing in the project happen new and ingenious ideas to him. Some of these ideas are completely acceptable and they are due to do so that all the parts are happy, but in other occasions these ideas are totally unacceptable and the idea and the concept do not enter within that we had stipulated.
    This clause will allow us to budget these additions as price aside from the project.
  • Distribution of responsibilities
    We must detail in the contract that has the responsibility of which: images, texts€¦ etc.
    Sometimes the clients tell us that they facilitated certain elements to us that later do not give or they do it late. If the time of delivery of the project does not enter the terms due to this cause€¦ no longer will be fault our.
  • Right to the property
    To define to who belongs the source code once finished the design, if it will simply have access to the code or to its operation.

Clauses that we can include in the contract

  • Dates and downtimes
    We can stipulate what will be the date of delivery and that requisite it has, and if some clause exists by which the date can be delayed.
  • Property of the content
    We must make clear that the Web is of our property until the 100% of the payment take place, in addition we can specify that things are included in the price and as no.
  • Changes and accepted revisions
    It is very important to detail that type of changes and revisions we will accept, since sometimes this goes away of mother and in this point the client is useful to fix until the bathroom of his house.
    The revisions and modifications that leave place we will be able to do it under a €œprescription aside€.

If sometimes they have had problems that in these clauses that I detail does not come including, commentaries and experiences are accepted that can enrich this article for a good contract design webpage.
Here I facilitate a connection to them with: Contract model Design Web

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,

By “scar Carrillo