7 groups wordpress for photography

7 groups wordpress for photography

If you are a professional of the photography and are looking for the ideal group of wordpress your business or to show your portfolio or photographic blog, this article is for you. If for some days it has been teaching those to you that my stops are best the 7 professional groups wordpress for your business, today I will show 7 to you templates specific for photography Webs.

Next I am going to present the best options to you for your sector and to teach to you as they are the characteristics that make of these unique groups to create your project Web.

The photographic sector is in continuous evolution. Ever since the definitive jump of the analogical one occurred to the digitalis, the improvements as far as quality of the cameras have not stopped to grow exponentially. In addition, the prices of the digital cameras have been reduced considerably and nowadays the mobile phones are even able to obtain a quality of remarkable image. All this has influenced so that the number of as much professional photographers as amateurs does not stop to grow.

Webpages for photographers with groups wordpress responsive

But before this photographic alluvium a habitual problem arises What we do with so many photographies? Applications as Instagram, Pinterest or the same Facebook have served as main photographic support in the last years. Nevertheless, if we want to give to our photographic work a more personal and professional presence, the ideal is to develop a webpage for photographers

I make special emphasis in the importance of which our Web is responsive since nowadays a Web that does not adapt to movable devices will not arrive very far. The visits from movable already surpass to carried out from computers and in a subject as the photography, certainly the objective public will be made up of a majority of movable users.

The adaptive design is therefore an aspect in that the majority of developer of groups works and plugins for wordpress. In addition, the payment platforms already are designed to optimize the processes of purchase from our mobile phones.

Templates for professionals of the photography

Next I will happen to enumerate some to you of best templates for WordPress in 2016:



This is a group with much acceptance between the lovers of the photography. Its aspect is very showy thanks to its options of screen fullscreen. The subject is very easy to personalize thanks to the incorporation of Page Builder and includes in addition plugins Woocommerce and WPML respectively to facilitate the implementation of a platform of payment and a Web multi-language. It is a very clean subject and elegant that it presents 3 we give main destined photographers of wedding, photo journalists and freelancers.



Navy is a group that allows to a degree of exhaustive design and personalisation. From the options of titles of page to different layouts happening through the total disposition of zones destined from widget they do of this tempers a very versatile option to you. In addition, the code of the group this optimized to help us in the task of SEO with some very fast times of load. It includes plugin of visual model-making Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.


Photographer wordpress

It is the sold subject more in the section of photography of repositorio of Themeforest. In fact, already is available the V2.0 version, that improves first adding new characteristics as new options to share images and more possibilities in which to the design of the page it talks about. It has a great variety of we give able to adapt to different needs, between which they emphasize some options of scroll infinitely.



Studiopress offers this subject to us son especially developed for photography. A sober but elegant subject simultaneously, offers warms up to you highly personalizable. He is ideal for the creation of a blog or portfolio. The entrances are located in two columns where the outstanding photography occupies all the protagonism. If you want a group ordinate and clean where the content is what emphasizes, this is yours.

Expose Theme

axpose theme

Again within the catalogue of Studiopress we found this child theme ideal to show photographic works. A distinctive feature of this subject is that it has an hidden menu that it does not appear until we initiated scroll descendent and it activates by Javascript. It maintains the line of the rest of groups of Genesis, simple and functional, it offers a very clear vision of the images.



Returning to Themeforest, this is an ideal group for wordpress for professional photographers. Between his characteristics it emphasizes the possibility of synchronizing WP with Adobe Lightroom, a slider of complete width and an exclusive section of optimization SEO.



This subject totally is thought and suitable for photography. Account with tens of different predefined designs, as well as limitless colors. It includes plugin Page Builder, which does very simple its maquetado. Also it incorporates Slider Revolution and Master Slider, allowing very aesthetic and showy presentations. In addition the group totally is prepared to support Woocommerce and WPML. A very powerful option and to consider for our photographic projects.

And up to here the today list. I hope that it has served to you as help and if you have any doubt or you want to add some proposal of group that is not in the list, I invite to leave a commentary to you.

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