7 professional WordPress groups for your business

7 professional WordPress groups

If you finish initiating your business and are thinking about creating the webpage of the same, if you want to begin to develop your personal blog or have seted out to give a new air him to the virtual showcase of your e-commerce, certainly this article will be to you very useful.

WordPress is the most popular CMS all over the planet. More of 26% of the webpages they use WordPress for his development according to data of the W3Tech.
The people are many who show preference for the implementation of WordPress groups thanks to the development facility that allows this technology. In addition, thanks to their popularity, the developers are many Web that work in the creation of templates professional of quality increasing therefore the benefits of this manager of contents.

At the time of choosing a group for our Web we can be poured off in one first stage by two great groups: gratuitous groups or groups of payment. Arrived at this point I am going to explain the differences between some, to help you thus to pour off you by one of them enters all the selection of the best WordPress subjects than in this 2016 they are available.

Why not to use gratuitous groups of WordPress

If you look for a professional visual aspect and a set of precise functionalities for your site, the gratuitous groups are not going to fulfill all the expectations. If in addition you look for scalability of your business online, by all means this election is not the correct one.
Next we enumerated the aspects by which you do not have to choose the use of gratuitous groups:

  • Design of the page

    First of all, as we commented as far as design, the majority of gratuitous groups lacks a good experience of user. In parallel, usually they appear deficiencies in the personalisation that make difficult the interaction of user in the Web. You will have to pass a few hours being modified the code to you of the group to be able to secure some wished changes.

  • Security

    Generally, the gratuitous subjects usually are not put to the test security that alerts about some possible vulnerability. In addition, they lack support on the part of the developers, to which surely it will be necessary to add a lack of pursuit as far as updates.

  • SEO

    A very important point and that it is not necessary to forget is the positioning of your Web in the finders. In the gratuitous groups normally special attention in the development of €œa clean€ subject as far as the code is not lent, that allows a fast load of the page and therefore, helps to improve its positioning in Google. In addition to this, the structure in the referred thing to titles, categories, menus, etc it will also influence to a great extent in the SEO of your Web.

Keys to choose a WordPress group

  • Responsive Design
    And usually one recommends adaptive designs for ours templates, and it is really an essential requirement, although most important it is than css of the group mediates existing queries in the files or are implemented for all the sizes of screen, that is to say, exponential jumps between defined the maximum and minimum sizes in @media do not exist that cause for example that in the size of ipad we are elements floating or out of position on others.

    The design responsive must be created respecting margins and paddings, so that in all the sizes a space adapted between the elements exists.

  • Actualizaciones and Child themes
    If we thought about the security of our WordPress, we needed templates that continuously is updated, but ten in account a thing, and is that if we have fact changes on some files of fears, is possible that once we update we lose the changes. For that reason I recommend to choose a subject wordpress that child includes a subject son/theme, or we of way will create it manual.
  • Support and documentation
    It is important that the created one of the group that we are going to choose us of a documentation and a possible support before failures or doubts. If we want to create a Web burglaryable we must consider that we will need details and help on the matter.
  • Cleaning of the source code
    Many developers are not absolutely clean at the time of programming, use contracted code css and js and other practices that a posteriori cause that the speed of load of the Web is not absolutely good, in addition can also end up harming to other important factors for the SEO.

    I recommend that before buying warm up you review the source code to you of demo, through inspector of the navigating Web.

Best templates WordPress of payment

Next I will happen to enumerate some to you of best templates for WordPress in 2016:



Everything a classic one. Avada has become a referring one, his more than 218,000 sales speak in case single. Named as better theme WP of the 2015, it continues being a reference, since she is one of the sold and popular groups more for all time. The development on the part of the equipment of Theme-Fusion allows a great personalisation and is very versatile, being able to adapt to the great majority of needs. As against saying that Avada can be a somewhat overwhelming subject for not initiated, their multitude of characteristics and options can get to become a defect if you do not have time to study it thoroughly.


to newspaper

One of the best options if you are thinking about creating a portal of the news or magazine, and even a personal blog in format digital magazine. Some of their main virtues is their elegant design, high performance and integrated system of translation. Their sections and elements are distributed very well and has a very interesting system to incorporate announcements compatible with movable technology.

StudioPress & Genesis Framework de Studiopress

genesis wordpress

Genesis Framework as its own name indicates is not a group of WordPress, but a technology that is being above hard lately. In order to define as framework works Genesis, the best thing is to use the resemblance that they themselves use in their webpage.

child theme genesis

If transpolamos the design Web to the world of the automobile, we could say that the WordPress technology would be the mechanics of the car, G©nesis Framework would be equivalent to the body and the subject son or child theme would be the painting.

This means that framework of genesis acts over the subject son, would be the layer of main code that forms the structure of the Web. In the case of Genesis, this structure especially is optimized through €œa clean€ code and very favorable cash at level SEO. The subject son we use for modifications in aesthetic of our Web and everything what we do in him (functions), so that the effective changes will not be affected by future updates of WordPress or Genesis, since we are working in an independent layer.

Child themes of Genesis is in continuous development. Some of most interesting are:

The 7

the7 wordpress

Again from the hand of Themeforest, we arrived up to one from the personalizables groups of the market. It has a great variety of we give, prepared to develop portfolio, a blog, a page of company or e-commerce. In addition, The 7 dispne of a great bookstore of images and designs optimized preparations and for its use. Also Integra plugin Visual Composer and is compatible with WooCommerce and WPML.



Readyable is the best group available to create a directory. The developers of this warm up have thought to you about all the details necessary to create the directory online without forgetting a well-taken care of design. Ideal to create listings of events, restaurants, hotels, or any type of necessity that appears to you. In order to facilitate the task of minting through the Web, or by means of subscriptions, commissions, etc, Readyable it includes plugin Woocommerce.



If you are thinking to create e-commerce, the options are many that you will find at the time of choosing a group. Today I recommend Blaszok to you. Between its 25 we give personalizables you will be able to find the ideal base to practically begin any type of store online. The degree of satisfaction of the buyers of practically the 100% guarantees it as one of the best groups of e-commerce. Among others plugins of payment, includes Line of vision Composer, one of the most popular visual maquetadores for wordpress and Revolution Slider, which will suppose an extra saving.



This is an ideal group for people who dedicate to professions related to the design or the photography. Account with 4 predefined designs between which search the most indicated for your necessity. At the time of maquetar the Web infinite possibilities of personalisation exist, being able of doing it from the back-end or the front-end. This it is a subject that this growing much and in which its developers (like in the case of Avada) they are being applied so that he is a referring one in the market.

I hope that these listing of themes, templates or groups for wordpress is to you of great value, since they are some of the resources with which work habitually, and with them certainly you will have greater autonomy to the development of your projects.

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