8 resources of essential design Web

8 resources of essential design Web

Nowadays as in the rest of subjects related to the technology, the design of webpages has evolved very many, and therefore to create an impressive and mainly effective design, is quite complex. Next we offer a list of 8 essential resources that they will help you to work and to perfect your new creations of design Web, obtaining results that will end up marking the difference.

Next we offer this excellent listing of resources of imprescindibiles design Web (the majority gratuitous)

themes wordpress

They exist premium multitude of themes gratuitous and that you will be able to take as starting point for your new designs, or if you prefer to begin your own group of 0 for example for WordPress, you have Themes basic in target, with which you will be able to begin to create and to personalize your group, taking as reference theme basic with all files and part of programming of some functions already created.
If doubts envelope that way to take I recommend to you to read this article: Design to size or development of theme.

For all design we needed to add images and photographies, the quality of our work will increase exponentially if we used quality images, and for it we have the following options:

  • To make our own photographies:
    If we have the suitable equipment, to realise our own photographies can give a jump us of quality in all the works that we realise, although also supposes on considerable effort, and for some thematic ones he will be to us complicated and very expensive to realise the suitable photographies.
  • To buy the images:
    It is a good option, although we will need budget to be able to invest in it.
  • To go to Google images:
    Possibly we will use images that are not original, and that in the long run us can bring problems, in addition they are photographies with total security are published in many other Webs, and so the quality of our design will be seen enough repelled.
  • To go free to Banks of images:
    Perhaps the best solution of all, I recommend to you that you throw a look.


A time ago, the search of textures and landlords for background of our designs were a constant. From the growth of flat design the textures less are used, although they are continued using for tactical missions. Next I enclose a link to you where you will be able to find a good selection of textures completely free.

Link resource Cg Textures

If we needed a landlord to repeat we ourself the texture within background, and thus to benefit to the time of load of the Web, we advised to accede to this connection: Link Theinspirationgallery resource


A great utility considered as fundamental within our designs doubtless is the icons, if in addition we can obtain them free then better still.

Link resource to iconfinder

A good typography long ago, and is that to play well with them the aspect of our design can vary much Web. If you need a Web apt for SEO personally I do not recommend to use typographies that are not within the standards, although if it is not this case, and we have total freedom to play with them, we can integrate the sources who better adapt to our designs, I leave these two you I connect.

Link to Dafont
Link Google resource fonts

logo and vectors

Next I enclose a connection to a Web where you can unload a pile of example logos (many of vectorizados them), and if you also wish it you can contribute raising your own logo creations.
Link resource brandoftheworld

If we looked for or we needed to make a flat composition, perhaps where to have the total control of chromatic range, we needed vectorial objects. If we counted on the sufficient knowledge of graphical design or have a person who helps us we will not have problems, but this it is not the case, better to obtain this gratuitous resource of design Web that I leave you next.

Link vectorportal resource

As with the rest of resources Web, the forms of contact of a Web can be realised to size, and they even exist multitude of plugins easy to install with which to integrate a form, although in this point I will perhaps give to a new idea and a new resource you, and is to create the forms of contact for your Web through Google docs, implementing this simple utility, you will be able to work inside with new functionalities and outside the form, as for example, which forms created and sent arrives directly at a table from excel, or a data base (among others functionalities more with those than can be worked).

Under my point of view and perhaps the one of other many, the best resources are those than one same one in accordance with creates (or with the help of a good work party), that is to say, the creation my own logo vector, my icons, the accomplishment of all the necessary photographies for the Web€¦ etc. The problem of this basically resides in which in the majority of the cases, by diverse circumstances (lacking of budget, time, or knowledge), we cannot develop all to these aspects we ourself, and therefore we needed to work with design resources Web that facilitates and makes agile the task to us.

I hope that these 8 I connect to all the resources with which work habitually is to you very useful, and with them certainly you will have greater autonomy to the development of your projects.

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