Plugins WordPress to insert images in posts

Plugins WordPress to insert images in posts

As many of us we already know WordPress is one of the managers of used contents more of the moment, his facility and simplicity in subjects of administration and management, as well as the multiple possibility of installing plugins and tools in him, makes of WordPress a CMS and a tool of very powerful creation of contents in Internet.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of this type of managers of contents, is that they offer the possibility to you of creating content for your Web or blog with simplicity enough, from dashboard and the new creation of posts.

However, if you have a Blog or Web mounted in WordPress, and try to create quality content, you will have to create unique texts and in addition to accompany them with impressive images and equal by powerful, since sometimes we have commented, €œposts no longer is written, designed €œ.


A time back we published an article in which it was mentioned how to find free free images of author rights, although in this post we will go a step further on, facilitating some plugins to insert images in WordPress directly, without not even you must leave the screen of your panel of WordPress administration to choose them and to publish them. In addition as we will explain next, between some of the possibilities that offer these plugins for WordPress, she is the one to enclose images with license creative commons, which means that these photographies can be used or be distributed under certain conditions, for example, the inclusion of the name of the author or a connection right under the photo. Also the license exists public domain, which means that it does not require of attribution any on the part of the user who uses this photography.

Therefore we reached the conclusion that stops certain Blogs or Webs, to use this type of plugins to insert images directly creative commons in posts, is a very good alternative to the portals Web of banks of payment photographies.

Advantages and types of plugins of images for WordPress

Although occasionally you can buy or to realise you yourself the photographies that you need to elaborate your posts, always is more expensive, and for it depends that Blog perhaps does not interest to you to realise this process so made. Therefore plugins WordPress as that they appear next has the following advantages:

  • These plugins WordPress allow simultaneously search images you in several banks and data bases simultaneously.
  • You save having to read and to take care of the clauses of the licenses in the different photographies, since plugin carries out this work by you automatically.
  • Clear possibility of saving time and resources.

Next we enumerated plugins WordPress destined to insert images and photographies in a post



    WPInject is plugins wordpress of reference by its antiquity. You realise the searches of pertinent images in the data bases of Flickr (license creative commons) and Pixabay (images and photographies public domain), promises to increase these sources next. One of the most important characteristics of this plugin is that it allows to save the images used in your Web server, which is very important, if it were not thus we would always depend on the source so that the image continues visualizing in our post.


    pixabay images

    This plugin only bases its search of images on the bank of images Pixabay, a trustworthy, ample and documented source. Pixabay Images allows in the same way that previous plugin to keep the images used in your Web server.
    The operation method is also the same, to add image in your post, to filter the search by keyword, and in this case some different functionality is added, as for example the possibility of choosing the direction of the image and of inserting the responsibility credit automatically.



    Flickr Pic to Picture is plugin WordPress to insert images in a post, realises the search of photographies in the source based on its own photographic social network The authors of the shared photographies have the possibility of labeling the photography that wish to share so that later the users of this plugin can leak by the different types from license. He includes the functionality automatically to add the credit corresponding to the audit to the photo foot.

If you know some similar tool for WordPress, or want to give to your opinion or point of view to this post, you can do here.
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