How to know what hosting uses a Web

How to know what hosting uses a Web

To find a lodging company Web can get to be a demanding task. In addition to the technical requirements as the specifications, response time, other specifications and of the price, we must consider the country where the servers, the quality and the language of the service of attention to the client€¦ etc. are located.

Therefore a more direct way to have a reference exceeds what hosting to contract can be to consult that company lodges that Web that we visited on a daily basis or what supplier of hosting uses our competition.

Therefore we presented some tools that can help to discover us what hosting uses a certain Web

what hosting uses a Web
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1. Buil with


The first most complete tool that I expose and of all. Buil with is a powerful application Web that allows to find out not only what hosting or servant uses a certain webpage, if not in addition as concrete data as:

  • Web server
  • Certificate SSL
  • Manager of contents
  • Framework
  • System of analytical
  • Bookstores java script
  • Encoding
  • Functionalities, plugins installed€¦ etc

2. What hosting uses is a very valuable application Web and interesting, through her we will be able to quickly know and simplicity that hosting uses a Web.

One is a Hispanic application oriented to speaking (Spain and Latin America). Perhaps reason why perhaps if the consultation is on hosting located outside Spain or Latin America, the resulting information is not too good.

quehosting uses

3. It looks for your hosting

to find out that hosting uses

It looks for your hosting in addition to presenting to you hosting a Web, offers the possibility to you of executing commandos of terminal through his Web: tracert, WHOIS and ping.

4. WHOIS hosting this

WHOIS hosting this

Orienting to Webs of all the planet, WHOIS hosting this is a tool that offers the possibility of finding hosting you of a Web independent of if it is a Spanish page, Latin American or of any other point of the world.

Fast and to the grain, this application Web allows you to know hosting and dns the domain name that you include in the search of its simple but effective form.

If you have doubts envelope that hosting to contract I present this article to you on hostings for wordpress, although really serves for any manager as content or Web.

What hosting you use or you recommend your?

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