The keys of the design perfect Web

The keys of the design perfect Web

To create a professional and effective Web simultaneously, is not simple task, can be beautiful and impressive, but simultaneously little efficient. To work under a design noticeable Web that satisfy all the requirements, objectives and that simultaneously work of practical way is the utopian thing, and what all the designers and developer Web we want to obtain.

In order to arrive at this point in this post I show the 10 keys that in my opinion a design Web must fulfill for being €œperfect€ or at least effective between 80%-100%.

Design flowed, simple and clean Web

We often listen that the design must be clean, simple, responsive and adaptable to all the devices, but the really important thing in addition to all this is that the design transmits what we want. The user who enters the Web must less than conceive your message in 20 seconds, than it is approximately the time and the patience that a person has when she looks for something in Internet.

A Web without charisma, without identity must very complicated create conversions through her. A way to approach the user, is creating a design with affection, with feeling, thinking previously what the user needs who enters the Web. I put two examples:

  • Empathy in the design
    As everything in the life the empathy is a very positive aspect to manage to make the things good, and I say this because it does few days arrived a client to me psychotherapist with a Web in dark and brown tones, my proposal is that if a person finds you because she has a phobia problem, of depression€¦ you visually show an exit to him to her problems through something positive.
    First that I did it was to run and to break the head looking for images that were able to transmit this message, and I found the following, that I could use for slider and other areas:

    Photo 1:
    A person appears of backs perhaps and on the brink of madness a precipice, the gray sky, this can mark a situation on a map in which the individual has a problem and all dark sees it, but however appears with the open arms and that I interpret it because it challenges to its fears, their phobias, and has that attitude of overcoming necessary to confront all evils.


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    Photo 2:
    Here the sky or is blue, and the glance is upwards, the buildings are high and stairs that guide to you towards there, the interpretation which I give him are that now the individual with problems has another attitude, has found the way, and see everything of positive way, therefore it is satisfied, as saying €œTaking Or! it looks what I found€¦€
    design impressive Web
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  • The colors in the design
    On the other hand, the subject of the colors and the syntony between the photographies and images of a Web is very important, for it I recommend the use of similar images in, which sometimes provides fast solutions and efficient so that the mixture among them and with the design of the Web is perfect, I put an example in the following screenshot of a Web realised by us:

    colors images design

To take care of the Juice Link in the Home

Most important they are the internal liaisons as much for the SEO as for the design, that the user feels orienting within the Web is one of the keys, when a visitor flows and sails by the pages with naturalness, without feeling frustrated€¦ the noticeable objectives end up fulfilling itself greater facility.
However, if in addition we consider the Search engine optimization, we have to know that the greater force and authority of the Web reside in its initial page, and that this authority is divided between all created internal liaisons within home, some theories explain that the link distribution juice is equitable between all connections, others however comment that the first connections have major relevance on the rest. In the same way we have to know that the right and necessary links must exist, avoiding mainly to little create pages within the site with and irrelevant content.

Code clean Web

Special taken care of with the visual maquetadores that usually generate dirt in the source code with styles css within the HTML, excessive divs€¦ etc. It is important to review the code and to construct HTML by hand, inserting the had labels of headed h1, h2, h3 previously run with patience and the help of good keyword research.

Structure of the content and menu of navigation

Perhaps in the previous point when we have done the search of keywords has ignited us the light bulb as far as how structuring the content and the menu of navigation of the Web.

A menu with a reasonable size is recommended that it considers all the areas, and that in addition the most important and excellent information shows the home. Thus we will obtain the fluidity of the user within the site. A clean menu and without failures, not as some menus that I have seen lately that you must be seconds happening the mouse superficially so that it leaves the drop-down one and can click (this puts to me of the nerves).

Fast load and verification of the design

During the design or a posteriori (following the difficulty and magnitude of the same), we have to verify that our creation is of fast load, and that in addition correctly works in the different navigators Web, mainly firefox or safari that sometimes has different results to the rest (habitually in forms or edges of tables€¦ etc.), and by all means Internet to explorer, the king of the disparity, since in its old versions it does not accept the standards of the rest, and therefore or all you will know or you will have been victims of this problematic one.

In summary, the formula that contains the keys of the design perfect Web are a creativity mixture, logic, and in addition the necessary attitude for tries to be able to be more the possible practitioner.

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