Redirection 301 htaccess to conserve SEO with new domains

Redirection 301 to conserve SEO

If for some reason we needed to change the name of our domain and want to conserve the positioning Web SEO, the step that we must give is to create a redirection 301 to redirigir incoming requests Web of the old domain towards the new one.
Redirect 301 within the file htaccess will allow us to conserve the SEO of our name of old domain.

The valuation that Google has of our webpage will be out of danger as long as we realise an indexed redirection 301 that contains to each one of the URL in the finder, or can also create a general redirection that includes all the name of domain from the root of the same.
The following step a posteriori will be to inform into the new change realised within the tools of google to webmaster tools, this way we will conserve all the reputation acquired during the time of life of the domain.

Change of direction URL in webmaster tools

We enter our account and we made sure that both domains are additions, and to cotinuaci³n we went to the button of configuration located in the right part superior and beat on €œchange of direction€, once inside we will realise the request of the change in two simple steps.

change direction to webmaster tools

We publish the file .htaccess with redirection 301

Now we went to the root of the space Web at which it is pointing our name of domain and published the file htaccess with redirection 301

Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (. *)$1 [R=301, L] 

Once fact this is only called on to wait for a time and to be patient until the valuation is transferred that has the finder of us, and that meanwhile conserves the ranking SEO that already we have acquired.

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