As making Link building of Quality

We call Building Link to the technique in charge to be essential for a good Positioning Web SEO, although with the last modifications in the algorithms of Google, the link building of quality has become a delicate task that requires of study and much experience, because a bad strategy of Building Link can take to one lasts penalty.

Many clients who contract SEO during one or two months think that they can stop being subscribed to this service and to take to they themselves the strategy of Links, that is to say, they register in any directory, anyway put connections to their Web from any place and. The surprise time after conducting these operations can be quite disagreeable: €œWhy no longer I leave in the results search of Google? €, €œWhat I did bad€
The answer is simple: You did bad in not leaving a professional SEO it will manage and it advised to you.


The experience in this aspect is very important, we do not have to leave this service into the hands of which for being economic or by other questions it ends up bottomless taking us to a well, that stops to leave him in the long run it will be much more expensive and expensive that to have contracted a professional SEO for our Web from the home.

Where due to generate are the connections for a correct Building Link?

  • In platforms online closely related to ours, if you own a business online of ham the connections would have to go in Webs of the Eaten sector/Cold cuts.
  • In ample and active social communities, this it is the best indicator of quality for a Web.
  • In webpages of resisted reputation and a considerable antiquity, not in Webs sites of new creation. (it is here where he appears the typical one: €œI am creating a new Web and I look for connections€¦ blah blah blah€) - > this type nor water.
  • In places that have an increasing visibility, that has considerable and ascending a number of visits, for it we will use measurement tools trustworthy.
  • Looking out of the corner of the eye pagerank of the Web where we want to put our Link.

How due to create are the connections?

  • In texts of natural form
    Within a text in which we use a natural language
  • Variable text anchor
  • Without excessive repetitions
  • Permanent connections in the time

Thus it is as we worked linkbuilding in Whitechsolutions, we think that the best strategy is to go slowly and with firm step, is better to have 30 backlinks of good toxic not 100 quality that backlinks that what they do is to harm to you.
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I hope that this article serves to you as help,
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By “scar Carrillo