How to create to newsletter HTML

Now that digital marketing is so fashionable thanks to its effectiveness, the shipment of newsletters also is in the heat of height and grows as well to huge steps.
Many platforms for the management of lists of mails exist and his corresponding shipment, as much external platforms as internal applications within our CMS, although in this post we will concentrate concretely in how creating and sending to newsletter HTML through mail with our own group in HTML.

Some people use a species of diptyches in image for the shipment of newsletters, although clearly they have disadvantages against newsletter HTML, since this last one is opened directly without so many problems of €œconfidence€ in the manager of post office, can be responsive and in addition she has more probabilities of arriving at the adapted inbox of mail, and not to the Spam.

to newsletter HTML
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Passages for the creation of newsletter HTML

  • It secures or it creates a group Newsletter HTML
    As I am vague and I do not want to create a code HTML from zero, I make use of a predefined group, for example:
    Responsive HTML templates
    These groups HTML in addition to cleanings are responsive, that is to say, its design will adapt to the size of the device with which our receiver opens the email to newsletter.
  • Edition and model-making of the HTML in a flat text editor
    We put tuna our source code, for example thus:

    to newsletter HTML

  • It shortens urls of the links
    We shorten all the URLs of the links that there are within the code, to avoid Spam and other related problems, for it exist tens of acortadores of URL, the acortador of urls of google for example can merit to us.
  • It raises to images some domain or platform of ascent of images
    Logically urls of the attached images to the HTML will have to be in line, it uses a platform of ascent of images or directly raises them a domain and directory who you have frees.
  • AGPD
    Assure to you to send mails only to users really interested, and mainly you must have to the day the file of discharge in the agency of protection of data.
    Later it includes a link to the legal warning that makes reference to your discharge in the AGPD in I cheeped of page of newsletter HTML.

    On the other hand it is obligatory to give the option of €œunsuscribe€ in newsletter, for users who do not wish to receive more post office.

  • Shipment of newsletter HTML
    In order to send the HTML by email there are several of options, as it commented previously you have platforms of management of shipments by mail, that in addition give the option you to use your own group HTML.

    As this post is as a test we will directly do it from our navigating Web or managing program of post office.

    If we do it from or outlook, simply we give to inspect element within the box of shipment (to see code HTML) from the navigating Web in this case and stuck the source code.

    Step 1. To open new email and to inspect element to insert the HTML created previously

    HTML to newsletter

    We insert code HTML
    We add and we stuck code HTML of our newsletter in this same div that belongs to the box of shipment of the mail.

    to insert HTML to newsletter

    We insert code HTML
    code HTML to newsletter

    Step 2. To send mail to newsletter
    We verify visually that the mail is seen correctly within the box of shipment of the mail, and that code HTML visualizes in good state.
    shipment to newsletter HTML

    Step 3. Received Newsletter
    We verify that we have received newsletter in perfect state. If everything is Ok, he is already ready to send to all our list of mails, and so we would have to make copy to beat of our list in field CCO underneath the subject of the email, so that it arrives in hidden copy at each from our possible clients
    We open our managing program of mail to visualize that the mail arrived in good state

    to newsletter received HTML

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