Pursuit of campaigns Email Marketing with Google Analytics

Pursuit of campaigns Email Marketing with Google Analytics

We suppose that we want to follow close by our campaign of email marketing or publicity to newsletter through google analytics, so that we can realise an exhaustive pursuit of how it is working, as are the links of the email that are clicando€¦ etc.

email marketing

Here I show in some simple steps to you how it is had to realise the campaign referring when newsletter for being able easily to supervise it from the tool of analytics.

Labelling of URLs of the Email €“ Newsletter

The Links that there are within the email to newsletter that they aim towards our Web (registered previously and associated in the account of google analytics) will have to be customized Links with the tool of Creative URL of Google for campaigns, thus later to be able to locate suitably them from Analytics.

Why we have to label these links?

In case the advertising email is opened from the navigating Web and the mail account is gmail, hotmail or a webmail€¦ then from google analytics we will observe that the traffic source correctly is categorisen, and appears fuente-> mail.google.com.
In case the email is opened from a manager of mail as outlook, the traffic source that google analytics detects is: fuente-> direct entrances, and so we will never know for sure whichever people are entering from the email who we have sent with the promotion. In order to solve this problem we realised the following thing.

Within the creative URL for campaigns we filled in the form of the following way:

creative URL google

The URL of the link labelling for the campaign is of the following way:

labeled URL

  • Utm_source: the name of the motor of the origin of the traffic of the campaign: google, bulletin
    In this case: utm_source=boletin informative
  • Utm_medium: it identifies means: cpc, email€¦ etc
    In this case: utm_medium=email
  • Utm_term: if it belongs to payment by click (cpc) and we want to sectorizar by keyword within the announcement.
  • Utm_content: in order to differentiate in case we have several calls to the action within the same mail.
  • Utm_campaign: Name of the campaign that will appear in google analytics.

Field used for the analysis of key words. It uses utm_campaign to identify the promotion of a certain product or a strategic campaign.
Example: utm_campaign=rebajas_verano

How to see the results of an email campaign marketing in Google Analytics?

In order to be able to see the results of our campaign of email marketing in Google Analytics of the simplest way, we must accede to our account and to enter the section €œCampaigns€ that one is next to traffic sources.

campaign google analytics

Here we will observe if Google Analytics has registered our campaign, offering to us the result of each one of the connections of our Newsletter.
Some tools of shipments of emails or newsletters as mailchimp includes applications to label the links as alternative to the tool of google.

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